Monday, August 9, 2010


Based on my previous entry, you can deduce that I am in a dilemma.. Before receiving the offer letter, I'm very impatient. After getting it, I found out that it is offering me another course instead of what I wanted, but the funny part is, I feel relieve that they offer me another instead of my choice. I guess that means me myself is not confident that the choice of course I made is correct.. =.="

Anyway, after the weekend, I've finally decided that I would accept the offer. Afterall, it's just 1 year and who knows what I will learn in that year?

So, I'm expecting a busy month as the semester start 20th September 2010. So damm early.. I need to TT deposit, make visa, accommodation and etc etc. How?? Now, I'm a bit worry I lack of time.

Cheers guys!