Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dirty Toilet?

I'm having a weekend family reunion at home yesterday, and heard this conversation between my mom and aunt.

A: She (referring to my cousin sister) seldom drink water at school. Bring 1 whole bottle go, come back with 3/4 bottle full of water.. how can lah?

M: Yalor.. same la.. this boy (referring to my brother) also same lah.. Not clever to drink water also.. (direct translate from chinese.. ^.^)

A: That's why lah.. Not healthy like that.. She avoid drinking water with the excuse that the toilet is very dirty.. so she don't want to go toilet so frequently.. but how can lah like that..

True hor?

I still remember my school days. The toilet is extremely filthy. I really don't understand why. They have cleaners at school which can always be seen cleaning the toilet. But after cleaning, maybe the toilet will smell of detergent for 5 mins.. and then return to the original state.. How come?

School toilets is the last place I would want to spend my time there..eventhough it is necessary but it is really a tough experience. Later on, in my college years, I would prefer the toilet located at the higher floor instead of the cafeteria floor as it will be the dirtiest cause of the amount of students in and out.. =.=" Sometime I would even found 'unwanted coloured' items inside the cubicle..OMG.. doesn't these girls have conscience? I really don't understand.. “我真的接受不了咯。。”

Shouldn't public toilet be kept clean? Ever went to public toilet? It always smell 'nice'.. Will it affect the image tourist have on Malaysia? They went to a filthy toilet and experience a bad one, and went back to their country and talk about it to their friends who later on talk to another friend.. guess you can continue for me? haha..


oh.. and I just notice no one can comment on my post.. thanks Cleffairy for notifying me.. haha.. I'm trying to solve the problem but the problem is I don't know what happened.. I tried complaining to blogger.. anyone have any idea what to do? Leave me a msg in my chat box if you still can't comment.. T.T


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