Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mix Nuts

*Nuffnang analytic chart*

Since I started blogging about MPYO audition, almost everyweek when I check my Nuffnang analytic chart, at the keyword section, I always saw "mpyo audition" word being connect to my blog. In a way, I am glad as this would increase traffic. I guess all I have to do now is to find more "popular" topic to write.. Haha.

However, when people search for "mpyo audition" and found my blog and come into here to read.. then that means the EVERYONE know how badly I did for my audition. I did not expect that initially. =.=" Forgot the ability of the web. Don't know I ought to be glad or go korek lubang to hide my head. 

Hmm.. time flies. 

Now it's already into August.. day 4. Still a week and half till the last day of my employment. Been feeling a bit confuse. Since I still haven't get my offer letter from NTU, I did not know whether what I would do if I did not get a letter.

Should I concentrate on my music or go looking for another designer firm? 

Part of me wanted to complete my piano diploma and finish up my violin Grade 8. At least, I feel I achieve something after all the years I spent. But working give me so little time to practice. Furthermore, I am teaching a few young kids piano which left me even more less time. I did not regret teaching actually. In a way, it is kind of fun and interesting. The kids are good fun and when they are able to play according to my nagging, I feel happy. Haha.. 

Years ago, I say that I would never become a piano teacher as I know I love to perform more than teaching. But when I started teaching, I grew to love the job. There's still a lot to learn but I'm doing something fun. Something I can do which I would enjoy. (The pay is nice as well........ ^.^")

Oh dear me.. this post become rojak adi. Initially I just wanted to write about Nuffnang analytic about MPYO keywords, but then it become a little personal.. =.="

Nevermind, as I still haven't give this post a name while writing all these, I'll just give the title.. 

Mix Nuts!

Why mix nuts? 

Why not mix fruits, mix drinks or even Rojak?

Erm.. I don't know. 

I this post doesn't sounds like fruits nor drinks. And Rojak is not nice. Besides, nuts can also mean.. crazy. 

Well, that last part mostly explain it right? 


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