Saturday, December 31, 2011

The final day of 2011

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I guess there will be hundreds of post summing up their 2011 year. I thought of doing so as well. However, there seems to be too many things that had happened that make it difficult for me to write a summary. Therefore, I decided to left things simple and talk about some random events.

I had spent a large part of 2011 being abroad. Mostly in UK which I must say, I enjoy it very much. I still miss the UK student life now. It had been great fun. I had experience many many many stuff and it's great memory. Besides that, before coming back to Malaysia, I had been travelling Europe (4 countries) for about 20 days which also taught me many lessons. (To-be-blog-about-post-in-year-2012) When I'm home, I felt so comfortable. Being around so many family members is a blessing. Although I miss UK a lot, I miss home more. Where my family is, there's my home.

Many people ask me the exact same question as if they can't grasp the obvious fact.

"Why do you come back? Why don't you stay at UK for job?"

Aren't that a silly question to ask me?

I can't bear to be away from my family. Being abroad for job means that I can only back about once a year. (I'm not rich) Why do people choose to be away from their family IF THEY CAN AVOID IT? I always don't understand. I know the bond between family members are mutual. But being away from them a year, two, five, ten or MORE... you wouldn't even recognise any of them. For example, my cousin brother who had been abroad for about 10 years +.. I can't even recognise him anymore. He did not come back every year.. and he is RICH! >_<"" Sad case.

Ok.. enough.

For my graduation, I was back to UK with my parents. It should be an enjoyable experience minus all the small small mishaps. Anyway, it is a good memory to preserve.

During Christmas eve I spent it for the first time BBQ-ing with my dear friends. It is fun and warm. They are the best. And when I reach home at midnight, I got another great surprise. It was so unexpected that I was SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad bought me the CarloRino bag that I had wanted soooo much. I had been thinking of saving for it and since it is new arrival, I'm thinking of waiting a few months until it goes on sale. Oh dear.. I love my family... (Why be away from these great people?  ^^)

My fairytaile

I love it! ^_^

Today is the last day of 2011. It had been a fulfilling year. I really hope 2012 will be another great one. With many good lucks on my new job. I'm very nervous as it neared the starting of the term. xD

So, there's all for the post. The next post should be dated 2012 already. So soon. Oh.. and the predicted end of the world. Is that true?  xD



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

More Christmas

Out of request from my dear friends.. here are 6 colours of trees to choose from

Click 'read more' at the bottom for larger images! 

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day is coming soon. I guess everyone had their wishlist ready. Some may already handed them out. xD (Like me. xD)

And I do realised something.

When I a kid, I don't remember a lot about celebratin Christmas. It's not a big tradition at home as we are not Christian. I think my parents do bring us out to snap photos of the beautiful christmas decorations and etc. But I really don't remember getting Christmas presents. Haha..

When I grew older, during my highschool years, I started to enjoy the festive season. As I began to understand more things, I started to drag my family to go for some celebration or whatsoever. Maybe a dinner or just go shop around for Christmas stuff. Maybe using Christmas present as an excuse to get something I want as well. But that's not so much of fuss still.

Up till I'm at college, and mix around with more people who really do celebrate Christmas, I tend to get suck into the mood as well. As I'm at college, I get more freedom, I get to go shopping with friends (mind you, I can't go out without adults during my school days.. xD) alone, which means I was able to prepare surprises for my family. I started to buy some little gifts for each of my family members. I started to pester my mom into buying a little tree to decorate at home. That's when my home, officially do, celebrate Christmas. We started to think of what gifts to get each other, what stuff to write down on our wishlist and pass it to our parents. However, most of the Christmas, I spend them with my family, either at home (doing nothing) or out shopping.

This year though, should be different. I say SHOULD because it had not happened. This year will be the 1st time I celebrate Christmas eve with my friends. My dear dear friends whom we had stuck together eversince our foundation year. Which means.. 2006.. ohh.... the 6th year already..going into 7th in January. Time flies.

So, as I was saying, I realised something.

When we are kids, the gift we wants mostly are toys. I do pester my mom into buying all sort of masak-masak equipments, barbie doll, polly pocket, plushies, stickets, sweets..etc.

When I'm in my schooling days, nothing much changes. I still adore my toys though I don't pester my parents to get them much. (Much.. xD) Maybe some dolls. I also started to want some gadgets such as mp3.

During college years, I tend to only wish for gadgets. Such as a new camera, a new phone, a new iPod, a new laptop, etc. And guilty to say, most of the time I do get them. xDDD

Now, I've started venturing into the adult world, the working world, the REALITY.

I stop asking for gadgets from my parents. (I still want them though..) I do not feel appropriate asking for things after I stop studying. It's just not that right isn't it. However, I still don't have my own savings yet since I did not really work for long. Therefore, as asking for things isn't right, I use the other way. I often discuss at home what kind of model of camera, phone, laptop is better. Why is it better. How much is the price. And then saying aloud that I'm thinking of getting them. With the little savings I have. Obviously, daddy will object to me using my little saving to buy them. And most of the time, he will get it for me. I love you Daddy.


It's just that I realised our 'wants' become more expansive as we grow. It need more and more to feed our greedy heart. The world do change. When I'm kid, I wanted just masak-masak toys. But today kids, wanted an iPad2 for Christmas.

Alright..enough of my rants.

Here's one of the little Christmas scene I did.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! 

Ho Ho Ho!  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yep! Today is the 19th day of the 11th month of the lunar calender. (Chinese calender) And today is my birthday. Chinese birthday to be exact. ^_^ Happy Birthday to me.

Oh, and if I'm not wrong, today is also 送子观音 'day'. Meaningful right? xD

If I choose to celebrate my birthday according to the chinese calender, then my birthday will falls at the end of the year instead of the beginning of the year. Haha.. However... I will be a year old then.

Oh.. And I'm a little Rabbit. ^^

Btw, I will be starting a new job in 2 days time. Thursday, 15th of Dec 2011 will be another brand new start. Really hope everything will go smoothly. I'm really nervous on this new job. Never tried to do something like this before. However, I'm kind of excited, mixed with worries. People keeps telling me not to worry. That I think too much. Am I really?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New. Fast.


I am now officially employed! I will be starting my new job on the 15th which is 1 week from today. Fast. Not really sure whether I'm ready or not. New environment (well, not exactly that new) and new experience.

Need to act maturely and sensibly and responsibly from 15th onwards. New to crawl out from my little shell and open up to people. Cannot continue to hide inside anymore.

I hope I'm up to it.


(Oh, btw.. this is already the 301st post. Time flies)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Excited + Scared + Worried = Nervous Breakdown

Ok..So tomorrow is the day for the interview. I'm having some very very very nervous mood these few days and in order to relax myself, I choose to ignore it. Until the very last minute. So now. What do I wear? How do I make my hair? What should I speak? How should my presentation go? How???!!!!

Scare scare scare scare scare.

And it does not help that knowing I'm not fully prepare for it.

Am I really ready for the challenge?!

Wish me luck guys.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I just love the colours of the pie chart.

Just log in to Nuffnang and check my analysis. Found this pie chart with the colourful segments.. Tell myself I just have to blog about this.. 

Don't it remind you of some rainbow or what? I'm curious. 

Does colours affect your mood? Do you dress according to your mood? As if, when you are happy, you choose something bright and colourful and if you are moody, you choose something dark?

Or do you do the opposite?

Choosing bright colours to brighten your mood when you are moody?

Hmm.. I wonder... 

Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm officially a Master

Graduation Ceremony

Recently, I went back to UK with my parents for my graduation ceremony. It is really something to remember and another big event for me. I'm finally a postgraduate graduate. If that exist. Anyway, here's some photos to remember that day. ^_^

Got my cert. It's exactly the same as my degree except it now write MASTER instead. 
(Mind you..the wind is so strong it nearly blew my cert away.. T_T) 

And this time, I remember to throw my mortar. ^_^ 

I love you

I know I had been neglecting this blog ever since I'm back at Malaysia. It's not that there's nothing to share but I just don't feel like blogging. Laziness overtook me. Give me some time. This blog is not dead. Not yet anyway. ^_^

For those that keep checking for updates, please accept my apologies. xD  Really appreciate it that you take the time to check on me. I'm touched. Can you see the tears brimming on my eyes? No? Well, it must be your eyes then.. Go check them.. :P

Anyway, will update VERY REALLY DAMN soon.. Believe me.


In the meantime, why not check out my new blog?

No, it will not take over this blog.

That one is for my fantasy and imagination to run wild. 

Head over now! 




Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Day At The Airport

"A Day at the Airport

I am at the Heathrow Terminal 4 waiting for departure tonight at 10pm. It is currently 2o’clock in the afternoon. I had already been sitting here for the past 2 hours. Being alone in the airport waiting for departure is the first time experience for me. Never before had I take a flight on my own before. Not even when I’m leaving home for my studies last year, this time. I am both excited and worry as there is no one to talk to if I need some advice or help. Now, I feel so bored. I do not dare to use my ipod much since I still need that when I get into the plane. Just in case I couldn’t fall asleep. 12 hours of flight without anyone to talk to. Well, everything has the first time anyway.

Being here alone, forces me to be so independent. I had to decide for myself where to go and what to do. It make me feel so proud of myself that I am able to do that. Though, now I am quite worry what will happened when I’m going into the check-in counter with my overweight luggage. I had been estimating that it will cost me about £500 for the extra 10kg+ weight. Oh dear me, that’s really a lot. I don’t know where all the weight goes to. It is about 30kg.

Oh dear dear dear me. I had been digressing had I?
This article was supposed to be about what I had observed during my hours at the airport. Not about my luggage. Okay, crap aside.
First of all, I noticed many people seem to be with a  friend, or better, a group of friends or family. That makes me jealous. I want my family and friends. Okay, I will be meeting them in about..20 hours’ time. So, just be patient. Everyone looks like they are going home after a holiday since most of them here doesn’t seem to be local. I might be wrong, but well, that’s what I’d noticed.

On fairer note, there’s quite a lot of solo traveler as well. And most of them, very smartly, have either a newspaper, a book, a laptop or an iphone with them. Stupid me, do not have a newspaper, neither do I have a book due to the excess luggage I have, and since I had lost my iphone at Barcelona, I’m only left with this laptop I’m writing this article, without any wifi, and therefore I couldn’t connect with the outer world.  Hmm.. Sounds like, I’m not doing too bad as well yea?

Then, I also noted quite a lot of Asian. I’m quite bad at recognizing Chinese, Vietnamise, Thai, Malaysian or whatever it is, unless they speak. However, upon looking at them, I feel that the world had really advanced. Everyone now can be anywhere they want to be. What else can be hidden by anyone? No one can hide anything from anyone anymore. Crapping again am I?

Crap crap and crap, there goes 500words. By repeating the crap word, I have added another three to the amount. Who say it is so hard to write? Writing is the most easier thing to do, provided no one need to grade you for what you have written. Which is why, I suppose, blogging had been such a good fad nowadays. With blogging being so simple and fun, everyone, even people who don’t like to write, will write. Everyone shares and shares about their thoughts, their daily activities and experiences, their jobs, their skills and etc etc.

I think I really can continue to write and write and write. While the initial idea of writing this is to write about my observation of the surrounding, it lead me to crap about other stuff. I can never stick to something. See? I’m digressing again.

Talking about digressing, it is one of the word that I’ve learnt at NTU few months ago and I had keep using it for absolutely everything. This shows that I am a person who really love to digress. But, don’t you think digressing is a pretty nice way to generate ideas? Of course, after you digress, you will have to organize them. I tend to think digressing is something like mind-mapping. Well, you are talking about a certain topic, and then that topic you are talking about makes you think of some other thing. And one thing leads to another. Isn’t that how it should work in mind-mapping? You write the big topic at the middle, and write all kind of words that topic makes you think of. Whether it is good or not, it is what mind-mapping should be. Generating ideas. So, isn’t digressing a kind of ‘idea-generator-method’ as well?

I seem to be finding excuses for my own fault. But, I love to digress. It make me feel like I have been through a walk inside my mind and look at things that I have not yet found that I have inside. It’s really cool actually. Not if this article was to be seen by my teachers. They will be horrified at what I’ve written. Nothing is consistent and grammar errors are here and there. Horrible.  That is why blogging is such a fun for me. I get to write what I want and will not get graded for it. My blog is not that famous and therefore it doesn’t really matter what the content is about. Even if there’s a stranger reading this, I suppose he or she will have to bear with me. Cause I’ve decided that this will be the style of my blog.

Anyway, at the top of my blog, I’ve already stated, ‘Nothing is consistent and so if life’. Well, it is true isn’t it? Nothing is consistent. You can be running at this moment, aimed to run for 5 miles. Suddenly just 10minutes through your run, you met a friend. He began to greet and talk to you. You stop and chat a while. A short chat might lead to you following your friend to a coffee shop where he is heading towards. After another hearty chat and aromatic cappuccino and delicious croissant, you say goodbye to each other and head home. On the way home, you just realized, you have just run for 10minutes. Told ya, nothing is consistent. Never be so sure.


I digress again. Well, I’m loving it.

I guess I have to stop writing as the battery is running low. I can’t have it drained out since I might need it later. So, I will stop now and the next article might hopefully be at KL with me well refreshed without any jet lag.

26th September 2011 @ 2.48pm @ Heathrow Terminal 4" 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What do I want?

It had been almost a week since I'm back from my Europe trip. And I've just noticed I had neglected this blog for a long time..nearly 2 months. Time really does flies. While writing the previous post, I'm still saying goodbyes to my lecturers and classmates. I'm still with Fiola and Xian. Still there's a few classmates left around to have dinner together. There's still SC to look forward to. Still the Europe trip to enjoy.


I am all alone already.

Said bye to Fiola the day I met SC.
Said bye to Xian the day we left for Europe.
Said bye to SC just few days ago.

Time really does flies.

Now, I'm counting the days left for me to fly back Malaysia. I started to miss everyone so much. By everyone, I means friends and family, both UK and Malaysia. After SC left, I am so free and bored. Nothing to do. Nothing to explore. Only left packing which can't be done until almost the last few days.

Today, I walked around the city center just to past time. Walk and walk, with my headphone on. Since I'm alone, I doesn't want to feel the loneliness, I need some music. (I never needed those weeks ago.) Past by random shops, and memories floods into my mind. How we use to shop like crazy in H&M, how we use to mused over the silly designs of novelty products, how to use to have some cheap lunch at the bar, how we use to just walk around, just to spend the Saturday afternoon together, and then back home for steamboat. I really miss those time now. Never realised, I was so lucky. To have them around me, to talk to, to laugh together, to discuss problems. Now that everyone is back home, I wonder, why am I still here?

Mom and Dad ask me whether I want to just change the ticket to an earlier date since I've nothing to do here. But, I'm quite reluctant to leave as well. I'm not sure what I wanted to do here anymore, since, there's really nothing to do. I can't shop because it will be impossible to bring back more stuff (as my luggage is already overweight), I do not have any assignment, I don't have anyone to ask for lunch. What else left to do here? I really don't know.

To settle the bank account, to pack stuff?

I'm not sure.

I'm just.. not ready to leave this place yet. This place which have given me so much experience and memories. This place which I never thought I would love and be comfortable living in.

Don't get me wrong though. I miss my home. I wanted to be home. I miss my family and my dear friends back home. I wanted to eat so many type of foods, and to enjoy the comfort of my messy room. It's just that, I know I will not be back here to live like I do now, that make me reluctant to just pack and go.

Back home, there's many realities waiting for me to face. Am I ready for them yet? I've been avoiding them for a year now. Do I still want to avoid them? Can I avoid them forever? Or, will the reality actually doesn't hurt if I face them bravely? Should I?

I really don't know.

Suddenly, I feel, I'm at the crossroad again.

The same poem applies to me again.

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair, 
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that had made all the difference.

If I'm going to take the one less traveled by, will that changed everything? Will I think to myself; ages and ages hence, I took the one less traveled by and it had caused everything today.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Saying "Goodbyes" and Promising "See You"

Finally it really really really reached the end of my postgraduate course. Got our result and feedback. Final tutorial at our room Maudslay 231b. Pack up stuff at the Expo. Saying goodbyes all around. Taking photos with people I will miss.

1st complete group photo

With the most helpful technician at workshop - Kerry 

With another helpful technician - Mark 

With my supervisor, a great one and a friendly one - Leslie 

With another supervisor, another great and helpful one - Alan 

Gathered for the final time at Orange Tree @ 27th July 2011

Shakes hands, best wishes, thank you, good luck

and that's all done.


Packing and packing and packing and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.....

Going Barcelona Friday morning, 2am +, back on the 3rd.
Need to move to new house on the 3rd, going down London on the 4th

Terribly hectic. 

Wake at 6.30am this morning. 7.15am start to pindah all 7 boxes of 20+kg down to the gate for collection. Then spend the rest of the day packing the left over stuff, cleaning my room, packing for Spain..

Super tired now.


I think I will miss my room. 

I think I will miss my lecturers.

I think I will miss here. 





Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beautiful little town - Matlock Bath

*Beware of a MANY photos post!*

I went to Matlock Bath yesterday with few of my classmates. It is about an hour and half train journey from Nottingham. When we google about this town, we did not see much attraction besides the cable car thingy.. And the reason we choose this place for the trip is because:

1. Cheap travel fare - £5.15
2. Near and fast
3. Recommended by Nani

Due to the few facts above, Matlock Bath it is. Not much choice since we can't go far as we don't have much time. Can't spend too much money since all of us are nearly broke.. XD

However, Matlock Bath did not let us down. Although it seems there's not much attraction but this little town really show us what we all expect to see of England. A quaint little town, quiet and pretty. 

This is the train that brought us to Matlock Bath. It is the 1st time I sit such a short train. It's just one carriage. Therefore, no seat reservation, which cause troubles when we were returning. We have to stand as there's not much space left. Horrible.. haha..

My breakfast - Sausage Rolls.. 


This is a little station, quiet and nice. Not like the big town, busy and noisy. XD

We reach around 10am+ so it's not many people and it's nice. 

Right infront of the station is this crossing for Cable Cars. 

See the white gate with the signpost? We all go around that gate and a pair of ladies beside us, just give the gate a little push and go THROUGH the gate. Stupid us, just laugh sheepishly. So embarrassing.. omgawd.. 

And... this bee.. stay at my back... it took 3 people to help get it away..Imagine me.. not knowing what is happening while everyone tried to shooo it off.. And everyone knows I'm terrified of..INSECTS! 

The cable cars bring us up to Height of Abraham where we can view the whole of Matlock 

View from the cable car

It's not a long ride..about 1/3 of Genting cable car. Cost us £10 each. At first, it seems a bit not worth it, but when we reach the top, all of us agree it is worth it. 

The cable cars move 3 by 3 


Group photo at the look out point

Xian, Me, Fiola 

Nice view of Matlock 

Then, we continue to explore the other part of the Height and then, we saw this!

A peacock!

A real life peacock.. XD

I do sound like a City Girl do I? As if I've never seen a peacock before. 

Well, it's true. Where do we get the chance to see a REAL LIFE peacock at KL? 

Ok, Zoo maybe.. but it's been yearrrsss since I visited the Zoo Negara..XD

Back to the topic.. I digressed. 

We took the tour into the mining cave - just a short about 20minutes tour where the guide bring us in and show us various..minerals, shapes, and how in the olden days miners work inside. It's quite amazing story actually as I've never realised that mining IS THAT hard work.. Where everything is dark and cold, and you have to work with your life at stack. I mean, how many accidents happened inside these places? For a living, those days are real hard. I'm glad to say I don't have to go through that. 

Inside the cave

This is the.. plague that the owner of the mine crave to show the other people that this mine DOES belongs to someone already. Those are the owner initials and date. 1705. According to our guide, each of these person have a responsibility and one of them died when the caves falls..I think if I remembered correctly..XD

When we climb the many stairs out of the cave, this is the view that great us. Oh wow.. We are amazed. 

Me, Jin, Fiola, Xian, Peng

There's a rocky path behind the view above, and we climb up to it. It's very easy, not as hard as the photo shows..XDD

And the view is sooo much more breathtaking.. It's really my first time seeing such great scene.
 And I'm loving it!

Behind us the Matlock

So vast area land England have. 

Just let me know anyone, where can I find such places in Malaysia and I'm going to go there. Never been close to nature before in M'sia.. Should try it when I'm back. Where? 

Lying flat on the grass is so comfortable, the sky is so blue and clear, sun shone lightly, cool breeze blowing softly.

Ignoring the ticklish grass...XD

This is the sky I see when I'm lying on the grass... 

Next, we go down again and reach the tower we seen earlier when we reach on the cable car. It's an lookout tower if I'm not wrong..did not really read the history though.. Was too excited to get into the tower..XD

When I peek at the stairs leading up, I'm a little worry and put off but I'm too excited to get up that I push away my fear and climb! It's so.. steep that we keep shouting out that we were going up so no one will come down, or.. XD

I'm so tiny here..I love it

I'm up! 

See the view? Ain't it worth the trouble?

Going down... XD

PS. SiawCheng... It's not that scary.. The view is really worth it!

Then, we take the cable car down to the town and find some lunch.

All of the shops here are so pretty and delicate. I want to own a shop like this one day.

Fabric shop

Ti-li-ta-la shop -> More of gardens stuff I'm guessing..But it's so pretty..XD

Handmade Chocolates! Resist the urge to go in to get some..haha

All the shops are very well decorated.. Nice

And I suppose ice cream is something popular here since we are seeing ice cream every few minutes..haha

See what I mean of the nice decorations?

Quaint little town ain't it? 

After lunch, we continue to explore the rest of the place and reach the garden.. Don't remember the name but it's not bad looking.. 

Now, purple and pink flowers are everywhere! 


Nice??? I always love rivers and this river beside the little shops are so.. mine! XD

How can we miss a group photo at this place? 

And there's this nice little bridge to cross the river.. 
(Peng & Fiola) 

It's only about 3pm by the time we are ready to leave. Since our tickets are open return, we can return anytime we like. (Luckily, since we can't find anything else to do..XD)

Time to go back

Matlock Bath isn't a place if you are looking for excitement, it is for relaxing.