Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day is coming soon. I guess everyone had their wishlist ready. Some may already handed them out. xD (Like me. xD)

And I do realised something.

When I a kid, I don't remember a lot about celebratin Christmas. It's not a big tradition at home as we are not Christian. I think my parents do bring us out to snap photos of the beautiful christmas decorations and etc. But I really don't remember getting Christmas presents. Haha..

When I grew older, during my highschool years, I started to enjoy the festive season. As I began to understand more things, I started to drag my family to go for some celebration or whatsoever. Maybe a dinner or just go shop around for Christmas stuff. Maybe using Christmas present as an excuse to get something I want as well. But that's not so much of fuss still.

Up till I'm at college, and mix around with more people who really do celebrate Christmas, I tend to get suck into the mood as well. As I'm at college, I get more freedom, I get to go shopping with friends (mind you, I can't go out without adults during my school days.. xD) alone, which means I was able to prepare surprises for my family. I started to buy some little gifts for each of my family members. I started to pester my mom into buying a little tree to decorate at home. That's when my home, officially do, celebrate Christmas. We started to think of what gifts to get each other, what stuff to write down on our wishlist and pass it to our parents. However, most of the Christmas, I spend them with my family, either at home (doing nothing) or out shopping.

This year though, should be different. I say SHOULD because it had not happened. This year will be the 1st time I celebrate Christmas eve with my friends. My dear dear friends whom we had stuck together eversince our foundation year. Which means.. 2006.. ohh.... the 6th year already..going into 7th in January. Time flies.

So, as I was saying, I realised something.

When we are kids, the gift we wants mostly are toys. I do pester my mom into buying all sort of masak-masak equipments, barbie doll, polly pocket, plushies, stickets, sweets..etc.

When I'm in my schooling days, nothing much changes. I still adore my toys though I don't pester my parents to get them much. (Much.. xD) Maybe some dolls. I also started to want some gadgets such as mp3.

During college years, I tend to only wish for gadgets. Such as a new camera, a new phone, a new iPod, a new laptop, etc. And guilty to say, most of the time I do get them. xDDD

Now, I've started venturing into the adult world, the working world, the REALITY.

I stop asking for gadgets from my parents. (I still want them though..) I do not feel appropriate asking for things after I stop studying. It's just not that right isn't it. However, I still don't have my own savings yet since I did not really work for long. Therefore, as asking for things isn't right, I use the other way. I often discuss at home what kind of model of camera, phone, laptop is better. Why is it better. How much is the price. And then saying aloud that I'm thinking of getting them. With the little savings I have. Obviously, daddy will object to me using my little saving to buy them. And most of the time, he will get it for me. I love you Daddy.


It's just that I realised our 'wants' become more expansive as we grow. It need more and more to feed our greedy heart. The world do change. When I'm kid, I wanted just masak-masak toys. But today kids, wanted an iPad2 for Christmas.

Alright..enough of my rants.

Here's one of the little Christmas scene I did.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! 

Ho Ho Ho!  

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