Saturday, December 31, 2011

The final day of 2011

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I guess there will be hundreds of post summing up their 2011 year. I thought of doing so as well. However, there seems to be too many things that had happened that make it difficult for me to write a summary. Therefore, I decided to left things simple and talk about some random events.

I had spent a large part of 2011 being abroad. Mostly in UK which I must say, I enjoy it very much. I still miss the UK student life now. It had been great fun. I had experience many many many stuff and it's great memory. Besides that, before coming back to Malaysia, I had been travelling Europe (4 countries) for about 20 days which also taught me many lessons. (To-be-blog-about-post-in-year-2012) When I'm home, I felt so comfortable. Being around so many family members is a blessing. Although I miss UK a lot, I miss home more. Where my family is, there's my home.

Many people ask me the exact same question as if they can't grasp the obvious fact.

"Why do you come back? Why don't you stay at UK for job?"

Aren't that a silly question to ask me?

I can't bear to be away from my family. Being abroad for job means that I can only back about once a year. (I'm not rich) Why do people choose to be away from their family IF THEY CAN AVOID IT? I always don't understand. I know the bond between family members are mutual. But being away from them a year, two, five, ten or MORE... you wouldn't even recognise any of them. For example, my cousin brother who had been abroad for about 10 years +.. I can't even recognise him anymore. He did not come back every year.. and he is RICH! >_<"" Sad case.

Ok.. enough.

For my graduation, I was back to UK with my parents. It should be an enjoyable experience minus all the small small mishaps. Anyway, it is a good memory to preserve.

During Christmas eve I spent it for the first time BBQ-ing with my dear friends. It is fun and warm. They are the best. And when I reach home at midnight, I got another great surprise. It was so unexpected that I was SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad bought me the CarloRino bag that I had wanted soooo much. I had been thinking of saving for it and since it is new arrival, I'm thinking of waiting a few months until it goes on sale. Oh dear.. I love my family... (Why be away from these great people?  ^^)

My fairytaile

I love it! ^_^

Today is the last day of 2011. It had been a fulfilling year. I really hope 2012 will be another great one. With many good lucks on my new job. I'm very nervous as it neared the starting of the term. xD

So, there's all for the post. The next post should be dated 2012 already. So soon. Oh.. and the predicted end of the world. Is that true?  xD



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