Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unforgettable Barcelona Trip - Day 1

Back in the days while I'm still at UK, Barcelona is one of the places of must go. Since one of my classmate, Elitzza's boyfriend is staying there, it will be the perfect destination for us. It is a very, highly, superly, greatly memorable place as you will see toward the end of our trip. But let's not spoil the surprise ya. 

After lots of planning and preparing, finally we are ready to fly on the 29th of July 2011. It's the end of MA Expo and therefore, we are officially free from courseworks. 

We took the 7.30am Rynnair flight which means we have to be at East Midland Airport by 5am. Damn early. I think I did not sleep the whole night as I'm afraid I will overslept and partly, I'm too excited. Fiola is staying over for the night as it is too early for her to walk up to Victoria Hall alone. Which makes sleeping more impossible. xD

Anyway, the flight is just around an hour. We are landing at Girona, a smaller city outside Barcelona which according to our will-be-tour-guide, a better choice as we can walk around Girona before taking the train into Barcelona. Which was what we did. 

Nothing much to shout about the flight as it's pretty much the same. Budget flight so as expected, tight seating. Very noisy though. Once landed, we took the bus into the city centre and started exploring. 

While in the bus, we passed by many shops and houses which suddenly reminds me of home. The view of the city look so similar to Asia. Too bumpy to snap any photos but imagine the view when you are on older housing area in KL or maybe your hometown, which still have wood for walls and zinc for roof. These scenery made me homesick for a while. 

But not for long though.  

One thing that I love of European country was their cobbled pathway. I love them very much. Although I suppose I wouldn't enjoy it very much if I were wearing high heels. Nevertheless, it is still fun. Since it is a huge change from what we have in Malaysia. 

I M Loving It 

With Xian 

As we walk and walk, we saw something very nice. Well, it's not unusual, but well. It is nice. 

Grafitti on walls 

As we walk, we pass by this canal or river. I forgot. Anyway, it is quite beautiful. Yes I know. The water look muddy to be call beautiful. But look! The scene. 

Yes. Muddy water. 

Riverside Scene 

Ain't that beautiful? I just love the colours. I suppose if the weather is not 30+degrees, I would have stayed there longer. As it is, I just stayed there long enough to snap myself into the scene, took off my jacket (which I wore during the flight) and ciao. 

With Fiola 

Pink building! 

As the weather gets warmer, we get hotter, and it is time for some breakfast. Or rather, brunch. We stroll around the streets to find a decent cafe for food. And we finally settle on one. 

Not only people like people watching but doggie like people watching as well. 

Our Brunch

Seafood Paella 

Since it is not yet meal time, the restaurant was almost deserted. We decided to just order a dish to try out and maybe later on get some other food. This is what we ordered. Seafood Paella. It is rice basically, which was cooked I assumed with more water than usual and baked with the sauce. It's quite delicious but apparently, it is not the best. We tried another one few days later which taste so much better. Of course, it priced differently as well. I don't remember the price of this Paella though, too long ago. xD

After lunch, we continue exploring the city and we choose to walk on smaller streets as it seems more interesting.  

Still, very colourful buildings. Love them so much. I love the design as there isn't much angular structure. Note that even the corner of the building are rounded. Very delicate design. 

These streets are not straight nor are they flat. Some are ascending and it is hell of trouble to walk since we are carrying our backpack stuff. But, it is a nice environment. 

We walked into a shop selling these local snacks. I suppose they are nougats which I don't really like. So since it is not cheap, we bought nothing. This shop is very interesting though as they sell loads of flavours.  

How can I resist taking photo with these doors?! 

There are many these steps around. Not really fun to climb. xD 

We reach the Cathedral de Girona. Looking up, these group of people seems to be so matching. xD 

To get up there, what else? Climb. 

I'm up! Luckily all the guys went off by the time I climbed up..xD 

Spot me? 

Fantastic View 

Dunno why but this view remind me of Macau..xD 

This cathedral is not really that magnificant. I've seen more that I would prefer. But nevertheless, this place is very scenic. I'm guessing that all the buildings are very colourful which combine the large landscape of colours when we look around us. 

Real? Fake? 


Love this

After the cathedral, it is time to leave for our train to Barcelona as it is already the evening. And we are tired.

The train station 

We finally reach Barcelona after about 2 hours. We slept most of the way as the train is very very super comfy and we are really very tired. As you remember, we did not really slept previous night.


Nice window

Reaching Barcelona, the most difficult part will be to look for our hotel. We don't have a map and the passer-by doesn't seem to know the road as well. We spent almost an hour more to find our hotel. Which is located in those smaller streets.. that only a guy in a coffee shop knows.

After putting down our bags, we walk out for dinner. 

 Everything in Barcelona is Gaudi, Gaudi and Gaudi! All thse crooked crooked and weird weird shaped buildings, all are Gaudi!!!





Not a satisfying dinner as the taste very bland. Regretted. Anyway, we are really very tired and therefore decided to call it a day. We went back to hotel and slept. It has been a really really long long day. 


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