Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Independence Day Malaysia! MERDEKA!

It was 31st August 1957. Everyone was busy preparing themselves, getting themselves ready, look handsome, look pretty, look good basically. Everyone was rushing to Dataran Merdeka. Just to shout together with Tunku Abdul Rahman, our father of Independence, MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!


Today, it is 31st August 2012. 55 years after that meaningful and historical day. 55 years after we fought for our independence. How much had we done?

55 years is actually very young for a country. There is still galaxy of room for improvement. Of course, everyone is trying to be in control to try to IMPROVE Malaysia. (Is that true? Is that purely for the benefit of our country?)

I do not pay attention to the political world. Therefore, it will be unwise for me to comments. And anyway, Independence day shouldn't be connected to political. It should be a day for all Malaysians to just celebrate and be together to commemorate why there is Independence day to celebrate in the first place. ^^

I would have to confess, I'm not a very historical person. My knowledge of history stop after my SPM. (though my result is great...:P) I forgot many facts that I memorise for the exam. Yet, there is still something that stuck. I was born after we got our Independence. Therefore, I do not experience how it is before. However, reading the history of events, I tend to get a general idea. I guess no one like to be in control by anyone. We call Tanah Melayu our country. No matter who you are, as long as you are born in this piece of land, you are now a Malaysian. Does it makes you someone else whether your skin colour is darker or lighter? Or whether your mother tongue is different? 


We all love Malaysia. We all want the best for our country. We do feel the heartache when something bad happen to her. Many will disagree as they might not feel good being a Malaysian. But think.. do you truly, really, sincerely like to be someone else? Do you really have no love left for our little country? The country you are born in, raise up in, makes friends, learn and play, the country where your family fought for Independence? Do you really do not appreciate all this? 

I do not care much for the well being of the country in actual fact, I turn a blind eye and let it be.. hahaha.. 

However, I tend to get a little emotional everytime 31st August comes by. It reminds me that this is the day where all Malaysians celebrate and appreciate the freedom we have. This day belongs to every Malaysian. Today is when we should shake each other hands and just smile and wish each other Happy Merdeka. Just a simple smile, a simple nod, a simple wish. To show that we appreciate Malaysia. 

Malaysia is still a very baby country, trying to grow up, trying to be adult, trying very hard to be mature. All of us as her guardian should help her. We should all celebrate her birthday and pat her back, telling her that everything is alright. Everything is fine. We will help you to grow up. We will not let you slide back to 55 years ago. We will bring you forward. 

Happy Merdeka Malaysian!