Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tweenie Wennie

Halo Frens!

I'm back after a week of dissapearing.. Been busy with family matters so I've taken 3 days leave and that's where things start to get busy and I haven't really had a chance to surf the net.. What more with my laptop went into the dumps factory already..

Anyway, I would like to show off some of my previous craft which I'd compiled in another blog.

The Tweenie Weenie

This blog had been up and about for months but I've been neglecting it as time does not allow. But, I do not want my craft journey to end just there. I want to continue. Therefore, I'm proudly and formally introducing my craft blog to every friends here!

Hope you guys give me some constructive and funny criticism so that I can improve to your liking!

The oranges

The cake

Just a preview of what's the blog's all about.. I promise you guys that I will upload often so would you critic now?? Lol.. I sounds so desperate.. Well, in a way, I am.. Having a blog but having no one reading seems so.. depressing.. T.T"

Well, anything that you think can be improved, just tell me straight to the face. *blam*

Just like that.. Lol..

Waiting for you guys there!


*as if anyone ever read this blog too...*

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hong Kong Part 3 - 1st taste of HongKong, Camwhoring, Avenue of Stars

After we refresh ourselves at our hotel, we proceed to find FOOD! Due to the lack of sleep as our flight is EARLY in the morning, the long flight and the excitement, we are basically starving..

Cizzy's mom brings us along Mongkok and we start looking for some 'cha chan teng' to makan makan.. We've no idea which is the famous one (I guess we did not do any research beforehand.. Lol), so we just step inside one which looks ok and no queue.. Lol..

the menu which is stuck on the table

Note that all the menu in HK is written in 100% chinese.. which means, I will have a hard time selecting food if not for my translator.. haha.. But still ok lah.. I'm 50% banana ma.. so some words still can see.. so just assume that's the one I want and ask my translator to comfirm lo.. if not, everyword I ask her to read to me, she will surely kill me adi.. haha..

The char chan teng from 1st floor

We are seated at the 1st floor, as you can see from the picture, there isn't any space downstairs.. so limited area.. HK land really expansive.. haha.. Not much people as it isn't the peak hours yet.. so we get to enjoy our food in a comfortable environment.. And I get to taste the 1st taste of HK food..


See? My translator also say GOOD! I did not take any photos of the food.. I guess I'm still blur from the flight.. haha.. so I don't remember what I eat..

Hk buildings

After lunch, we walk and walk and walk, taking pictures along the way. We reach an area which overlook some buildings and that's where we spent time camwhoring.. Snap Snap Snap.. Not many tourist there.. I wonder whether it is a tourist spot or not.. However, it's the HK environment we want to feel.. so the lesser tourist the better.. Better photograph.. Lol..

Camwhoring me!

Msg on that art statue

Another of my translator. She seems so excited by that red statue.. It is actually a art placement with certain description about that art installation. Forgot what's it about though.. =.="


One of the big buildings we use as background to camwhore.. Lol..

After that, enough of camwhoring buildings, we walk towards Avenue of Stars. Heard of this place for so long and was excited to finally going to see it in real. Located at  Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon.

The infamous statue

Of course, the 1st thing everyone notice when arriving would be this soo famous statue.. I think it is the award that presented in HongKong film award yearly. This replica statuette is 4.5metre high if you wonder.


Can't really get a nice decent shot of this nice statuette cause of its height and light.. Lol.. But I managed to photoshop it to look.. classic.. chehh.~~~

By the way, notice the beautiful background overlooking Victoria Harbour? The building opposite is sooo nicely lined up against the waterfront.. Nice scenary option.


Seems to us, when we reach HK, we (me & fei) went crazy just looking at ships, boats, ferry... as if we've never seen them before.. Snapping them like there's no tomorrow, posing infront of it as if it's a movie star.. =.="

Look like a scene in TVB drama?

During night time, there will be a Symphony of Lights to be enjoy. Lights shining from across Victoria Harbour. But since our time did not allow this plan, we did not get to see it. If I'm going there again, I would be sure to catch the view. It was highly rated as it shows the glamour of HK city at night.

However, I really enjoy the view there, although the day we went is a bit moody.. skies aren't blue.. I'm guess either it's pollution or it's going to rain.. Anyway, we still enjoy ourselves there. The wind is nice and cool. Just standing there would be nice enough. Of course, that would be a waste. So we continue walking down to look at some handprints of big big stars.. Most of them I did not recognise the name but some I do eventhough I do not know how they look like. Just their name is familiar to my ears.. Lol..


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday Blues

Today is Tuesday. I have Monday blues yesterday. But Tuesday. I don't have Tuesday Blues. Because no one ever say Tuesday blues. Why will we have Monday blues? Is it because we play so hard on the weekends that when we start our daily normal boring mundane routine on Monday we gets the blues? So then, why must it be blues? Why blue? Why not green or brown or even black?

Monday blue often relate to no mood, boring, not motivated.. But blue isn't suppose to be so negative right???

The sky are blue.

Everyone loves the sky. Don't you? Well, if we love the sky, which is blue in colour, why relate blue to the negative vibes in Monday? WHY???

It seems so unfair to blue. 

Maybe we should give some credits to blue.

Blue represent unity. Blue often bring calm emo. Blue is uniform that we wear since we are 7. Blue is a part of our National Flag colour. Blue is a part of our world. Blue is bored..........................



Did I just say blue is bored???



hu hu..~ ~ ~

I'm human afterall.. After talking about blue for sooo long.. I do feel BORED!

Therefore.. let's keep Monday Blues afterall.. It's the tradition.. Monday will always be blue..

Unless of coz, it's a holiday.. 

Then I'll be 

Btw, did you heard of Baby Blues? It's a cute and funny comic strip. I love this comic strip. It's all about a family of 5.. it started with 3 actually.. haha.. simple yet entertaining.. I used to catch it at NST everyday but since I've change to The Star, no more Baby Blues but Garfield now.. wahaha.. 

Anyway, I still read the Baby Blues on the net. Wonderful! 

So, why Baby Blues? 

Ask any mother and they will tell you why.. 

Oh.. by now, you all should know what this post is all about.. Nope.. it isn't about Blues.. it is about..

These cute graphics. 
Just wanted to use them but no one to chat on msn with me right now.
No choice.

The End

My Piano

*My Piano*