Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tweenie Wennie

Halo Frens!

I'm back after a week of dissapearing.. Been busy with family matters so I've taken 3 days leave and that's where things start to get busy and I haven't really had a chance to surf the net.. What more with my laptop went into the dumps factory already..

Anyway, I would like to show off some of my previous craft which I'd compiled in another blog.

The Tweenie Weenie

This blog had been up and about for months but I've been neglecting it as time does not allow. But, I do not want my craft journey to end just there. I want to continue. Therefore, I'm proudly and formally introducing my craft blog to every friends here!

Hope you guys give me some constructive and funny criticism so that I can improve to your liking!

The oranges

The cake

Just a preview of what's the blog's all about.. I promise you guys that I will upload often so would you critic now?? Lol.. I sounds so desperate.. Well, in a way, I am.. Having a blog but having no one reading seems so.. depressing.. T.T"

Well, anything that you think can be improved, just tell me straight to the face. *blam*

Just like that.. Lol..

Waiting for you guys there!


*as if anyone ever read this blog too...*

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