Friday, April 16, 2010

Musical Dreams

Nodame Catablile - Nodame & Chiaki

I've always been interested in music. More music the happier I am.. 

There some time where I would be so unmotivated that anything I played is nothing. Sometimes, it even seems like a burden. But, this time will pass. I will just wake up and found new interest in my music. I may not play the music beautifully. I may not be able to play it with good skill and technique. I may be just a mere mere mere mere player. Nothing special. But everytime I think of my music, I'm happy. I have my dreams. 

I still remember when I am still a small kid, my piano is inside my study room. Enclosed inside a room, I often pretend I'm some kind of famous musician. I often have my own pretense and fantasy while playing inside my room. Imagining about various kind of things. 

However, since I grew older, things started to change. I no longer have these fantasy or imagination working inside while I play. I just worried about my music. Worried about how to play it, worry about my fingers, my technique and my skills. It has started to crush all my imagination. I wonder when it started to turn this way. I'm in the dark. But I do not know since when. 

With so many changes that had happened to my life, it finally dawn on me that I have to grab EVERY opportunity that cross my path. These chances only came once in a life time and I would not have a second chance to do it. I accept everything that had offer to me. I try to do everything. I did all I'm interested in. I want to have everything. I'm tired. 


I am tired.

I need some rest.

But I do not want to let go. I do not want to give up and regret when I'm too old for all these then. I know I will. 

Therefore, all I can do now is just to keep it up. Do everything my heart wants to. Since I have the chance, the strength, the age, the time, the mood, the interest, the way, the mentors, the support. I'm going to do all.

So, dear friends. I'm announcing that I will be doing everything that I want to do without worrying!

Please bear with me!

Thank You!




Gu Zheng


Yang Qin

Pictures above are for illustration purposes. My wishlist currently. But don't worry. I'm not committing myself to ALL of them.. impossible Now... their time will come. ^.^

I'm just thinking of a few matters right now. After I sought it all perfectly, I will announce to everyone. But it might not be connected to this post which is all about my music. This post is just a reflection of my interest. ^.^

Currently, I'm having a BIG desire for a certain thing. Therefore, might be making a BIG decision. So, I'm thinking of ALL aspect now. XD

Thus, no worries friends. I assure you, you will be the 1st to know. ^.^

ps. A small photo for your eye candy.



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