Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday Blues

Today is Tuesday. I have Monday blues yesterday. But Tuesday. I don't have Tuesday Blues. Because no one ever say Tuesday blues. Why will we have Monday blues? Is it because we play so hard on the weekends that when we start our daily normal boring mundane routine on Monday we gets the blues? So then, why must it be blues? Why blue? Why not green or brown or even black?

Monday blue often relate to no mood, boring, not motivated.. But blue isn't suppose to be so negative right???

The sky are blue.

Everyone loves the sky. Don't you? Well, if we love the sky, which is blue in colour, why relate blue to the negative vibes in Monday? WHY???

It seems so unfair to blue. 

Maybe we should give some credits to blue.

Blue represent unity. Blue often bring calm emo. Blue is uniform that we wear since we are 7. Blue is a part of our National Flag colour. Blue is a part of our world. Blue is bored..........................



Did I just say blue is bored???



hu hu..~ ~ ~

I'm human afterall.. After talking about blue for sooo long.. I do feel BORED!

Therefore.. let's keep Monday Blues afterall.. It's the tradition.. Monday will always be blue..

Unless of coz, it's a holiday.. 

Then I'll be 

Btw, did you heard of Baby Blues? It's a cute and funny comic strip. I love this comic strip. It's all about a family of 5.. it started with 3 actually.. haha.. simple yet entertaining.. I used to catch it at NST everyday but since I've change to The Star, no more Baby Blues but Garfield now.. wahaha.. 

Anyway, I still read the Baby Blues on the net. Wonderful! 

So, why Baby Blues? 

Ask any mother and they will tell you why.. 

Oh.. by now, you all should know what this post is all about.. Nope.. it isn't about Blues.. it is about..

These cute graphics. 
Just wanted to use them but no one to chat on msn with me right now.
No choice.

The End


Dino-chan said...

you so random with the icons LOL!!!!!!

Cassie the Missy said...

wahaha... cute cute? i luv these icons sooo much la.. haha

Dino-chan said...

those are very cute lor.
Faster update new blog post and upload it more larrr XD

Cassie the Missy said...

haha.. ya ya.. mayb next time i write post also include them inside.. i look at them i also wan to laugh adi.. haha