Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hong Kong Part 2 - Walking the Streets!

Part 1 sees the moment we arrived at Hong Kong International Airport to MongKok. Part 2 is all about us upon reaching MongKok street and walking along those long, busy streets! 

As everyone knows, Hong Kong's streets is the most busiest street always full of bustling people walking.. all in a hurry I might add.. 


Besides people, Hong Kong streets is full of


MongKok street busy with signboards

Vertical and Horizontal signboards filled the street

Always see HK TVB dramas and is very familiar with the streets around MongKok. However, when I'm there myself, experience it myself, the feeling is so.. indescribable.  It's like Alice in Wonderland..Walking through a Looking Glass.. Walking straight into the 'fairyland'. Eventhough the scene in Hong Kong streets are busy and bustling with people and signboards, I really enjoy walking on the streets as there are soo many people to watch and experience the lifestyle there.

Busy streets with people in MongKok

I always heard people says that Hongkies always in rush.. Walking very very very fast on the road always on the move! It really is the truth! They are always on the move. Stopping to take photos or looking at shops is a dangerous action as at any moment, you can be trampled by those Hongkies.. 

Awe by double decker bus.. So ulu me.. 

Do you still remember that we haven't actually check into the hotel? We are still dragging our heavy suitcase all through the MongKok road before reaching hotel.. So we had our experience of crossing the traffic lights with heavy luggage with us. All the while having to walk fast as people are rushing to reach their destination.. Can't they slow down for once? It's quite tiring watching them rush here rush there actually.. haha..

Cassiemissy at a busy HongKong street

Traffic lights are important in HongKong streets 

One thing that fascinate me about these streets is actually the signboards.. Besides being overwhelming, there are really different from those we had in Malaysia.

Bus atop signage

The bus stop signage. Bus is an important public transport in HongKong as almost everyone take the bus to go for work, school, leisure, etc. That's why everyone in HK respect queue.. They queue appropriately for turns to board the bus.

Subway signage 

The subway is another thing that I never really experience before. Not the sandwich ok..

Btw, do we have subway in Malaysia? I'm sooooo ignorant.. haha.. However, seeing the sighboard showing where the subway is kinda make me feel excited.. Don't know why. Might be cause it's the 1st ever time I went out of Malaysia and that's what make me feel all excited.. Even looking at something soooo normal that we also have in Malaysia seems new to me.. =.="

SASA.. I even get excited looking at it.. 

SASA is available at all major shopping center in Malaysia. I went to the outlets many many times already but I am still excited when I saw SASA.. crazy already lor...

Signboard showing the direction of various places

Note that the signboard that tells people the direction of places is soo CUTE!! I just like the way they indicate the places. Some of it is tourist spots while some is Govt building. Mostly it is indicating buildings or places of interest. If you are looking for street name, it might not be so useful. There are another signs for streets name though.. haha.. The map below shows the roads if you need help. I never look clearly but I think you can get information about bus routes.

Signage of a shop which protruded out from the building itself 

I am a bit worry about walking under these kind of signage actually. Trusses are used to support these signage but they are protruded out more than 5m.. and the signage isn't teenie weenie.. it's HUGE!! Is it safe???

Love Mi Sammi Cheng concert 2009~2010 poster

Around the time I went to Hong Kong, early Nov, Sammi is going to held her concert in Dec.. which means.. there are many many posters of her concert to be seen! I'm so excited! I totally forgot that I visiting a place where Sammi might MIGHT appear! Haha.. However, I did not see her. Maybe I did but I did not recognise her?? Just a maybe.. It might happened right??

And then, I'm sooo lucky.

I did take a picture with Sammi! I DID! Really!  I'm sooo happy. I'm going to treasure it!

You don't believe me do you??? Just take a look

Cassie and Sammi Cheng

Oh well, it's the next best thing I can do. See how nice she pose?

Part 3 coming soon!


ps. I'm hungry now.. When can we go for lunch???

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