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Hong Kong Part 1 - Everything seems FRESH!

I have posted some pictures in my previous previous previous previous post about my trip to HongKong - GuangZhou. However, when I review back, I don't think I did them justice as there's many many interesting point of the trip that I had left out. Therefore, here's a NEW post about my trip. It will be separated to many many parts as I don't want to write a long post.

We board the plane at the wee hour in the morning.. Too bad, too sleepy + excited to take any pictures before departures.. So, after about 3 hours of backache in the plane, we reach Hong Kong International Airport.

And I've gone crazy.

Walking out from the arrival hall, I kept snapping pictures but due to my too-excited-and-cold-until-shaking-hand, all the pictures were a bit blur.. T.T

Oh, about why did I gone crazy upon arrival is because.. there's sooo many chinese words located at the signage, posters and everyone is talking cantonese!!!!

Being a tvb-drama-fanatic, being in HK is like jumping into the drama itself. I am so excited to explore everything.. haha..

Did you look carefully at the escalator? walkalator?



The words are in CHINESE.. Okay, well, I know. No big deal as in Malaysia, we have Chinese lettering among caution words as well.. However, it just seems soo much fresher, newer, nicer, special, pretty,  Um, well, any more words to describe it?

Well, I might not know what exactly those words mean, as I am a banana.. but I still feel excited. It's as if I've never seen Chinese words before. Gosh..

Next up, we went through many escalator and reach this >>

This is the shuttle train that will bring us to the custom area. Note the chinese wordings as well. Announcement were made in proper Cantonese dialect as well. So comfortable to the ear.

There are many people standing waiting. I guess the there are few planes that arrived. But no worries. We don't need to wait long as the coach is enough for many many people. ^.^

After a hassle free process at the custom, we were free to go!

See our poor luggage waiting for their mama to collect them. I wonder if my luggage sustain injuries as Fei and CC tell me that our poor luggage will be manhandled cruelly.. Lol..

Anyway, it's a good news to hear that our luggage is safe and sound. And thanks to Fei who borrow me one of her ribbon to tie to it, I recognised her immediately. Lol..

~*oh.. tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree* ~

Seeing those luggage at the conveyor belt kinda remind me of sushi. *wink*

This the the two who tell me scary stories about luggage being thrown and chuck cruelly.

Too bad. No photos of me here. I'm too busy snapping here and there to snap my ownself.

Furthermore, I think 3 of us still a bit blur from the flight and lack of sleep and excitement.

I guess excitement more actually. XD

O.O.. Whose fingers is that.. so beautiful pose! ^.^

Recognize the so whitish watch???

She's calling her mom to tell her that we've arrive and ask where to meet her.

CC's mom sooo nice. She's our tour guide for the trip. Luckily. If not, CC would have bring us back to Thailand and would not know.


After calling auntie, we continue out to the bus station outside the airport as we are meeting auntie at Mongkok. CC, the tour guide for the time being, lead us out to the bus station area and find number-dunno-what-bus.

The walkway towards the bus area is quite pleasant. It's already outdoor, so no aircond. But since the air is a bit windy, (temperature around 23-25Celsius) so the walk is quite nice. Furthermore, there's also many many things to see.

On our way, I kind of attracted to this mini plant. Small head, big butt.. Lol..

But I'm not insulting it.. It is cute. That's why it earn a place here.

Every about 5m, there put 1 pot of this plant. I wonder why their head is so tiny.. can't they let it grow more hair before cutting them to this cute shape? haha..

I think night time might be nice cause of the mini lights at the floor.. see them?? Brightly lit walkway.. hmm.. no chance seeing it though, unless next time I arrive during the night time. Lol..
This is another scenary from the walkway. Green.

Looks neat and tidy and no rubbishy feel. Haha.. Not sure whether it is just being cleaned or it is really clean. But it sure feel good to walk there.

Actually it is quite a long way to walk since we are heaving our heavy luggage with us.

Not knowing we are actually heaving them to the road later on.. (next chapter ^.^)

CC, the tour guide for the time being, lead us out to the bus station area and find number-dunno-what-bus.

We notice the bus is half full but still can fit 3 of us inside. But our temporary tour guide not sure whether the bus is the right one or not so we hesitate.

At last, she walk up the bus to ask the driver. The driver says "yup" "go buy tickets 1st"

And we go *deng*


Where in the world is the tickets counter? ahaha..

Finally, I wait at the bench as our luggage is too heavy to drag here and there. Both of them went to look for the tickets.. and here's what I did while waiting. *now i realise, I'm alone in a foreign country after reaching less than 1 hour* 

The scenery from where I sit.

The high flyover right above me. I still remember the sky is very bright on that day. Although it is not hot like here, the flyover really give me some shade.

Did you notice that the leaves here are greener???

I think there's a Chinese proverb that means 'other people rice smells nicer' is it? Not too sure but that's what came to my mind la.. haha..

So I guess the leaves is actually same colour but only my mood different! Haha..

Hmm.. another cleanliness.. haha.. the air isn't too good, since I smell dust and smoke, but the road is really quite clean. I'm quite impressed actually.. ^.^

After like finally (since there isn't much things to snap and I couldn't walk away with 3 luggage together.. lol), both of them came back. This time with tickets. I'm glad to see them as I'm getting bored already. Haha..

We get on the bus, put our luggage at a designated area, find 3 seats and settle down.

We tried taking some photos inside the bus but too bad, lighting was bad and flash isn't helping either. So, no photos inside. But the bus ride is ok, and I'm enjoying the view. View which I've always seen in TV since I'm a lil tinny girl. ^.^  (sounds so old now..~.~)

The bus brought us right to Mongkok and that's where our vacation really started!

The next post will be about sightseeing!

*Spoiler below*

Next up!


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