Thursday, June 30, 2011

30th June 2011

Thursday 30th June '11

Today is the last day of June. So fast. Unbelievable.

Started on the animation today and created some troubles as well. ^_^""

Fiola advised me to use Window Movie Maker to create my animation because..  T_T

The only computer in the building that have AfterEffect software... is undergoing maintainance...XD No more After Effect. Might as well since I'm not familiar with that software anyway. I just need to combine together all my animations that I did in SolidWorks so a simple WMM is enough. ^^

The tough part of the process is not combining them but to make them. Did them part by part in solidworks motion study. Not an easy task... haha.. 1st time attempting animation in all my life as a student.. haha.. Did not even try to do any animation or simple walk through for interiors.. Worth a try.

In the afternoon, went down to the workshop to laser cut my logo and other small pieces. Started around 2.15pm and finish around 4.30pm... @_@"""

Cut a 8mm acrylic and it is a long process...haha... Then, 3mm MDF. Problems arise as the computer get stuck and such.... in the end.. the whole cutting process took few hours to complete..haha...

Working hard.. the laser.. haha

But failed... it missed the 'G' and 'N'.. T_T 
(It's engraving on top of the MDF...^^) 

Finally, after about 2 hours...XD 

And after cutting the acrylic, I need to polish the burnt marks. Cause the acrylic is some left over, so the plastic covering had been tore off.. No choice...

8mm thk clear acrylic 

The burnt mark 

Like snake skin already.. ^^" 

The marks are so hard to remove and I almost give up when M came along and brighten up my day! ^_^

He tried to use the polish to rub the surface but not doing much difference. He then tried to use 1600 sandpaper and water and rub them. Then, apply the polish. Fantastic result. He was then so kind to help me get a large piece of sandpaper and stick them down to a flat piece of wood for me to rub the other pieces. I've brought them home to rub. Save time and my leg strength.. haha

The sandpaper I brought home.
(Going to rub them right after I finish blogging..^^)

The polish that I will use after I rub them with sand paper..
(Very smelly... T_T)

And then... I then thought of something stupid that I've done.

How in the world am I going to stick all the tiny alphabets together on the plinth? Standing? Silly stupid.

Created a big problem. This is what people always say as a chinese proverb. Do more, wrong more. Do less, wrong less. Don't do, no fault. XDDDDDDD

As if I don't have enough problems to solve..haha..


Btw, spend so many hours at the laser cutter, chat a little with G. He mentioned that I look a bit shy shy when I'm first there, but now, I'm much better.. XDDDD

I wanted to tell him, I'm still shy now. XD

Afterall, it's not been many months.. hahahaha..

Oh, and K mentioned that our English is not bad. Since we can get his sense of humour.. XDD

I wonder if that's a compliment.. haha

And..G said, everything you do looks like penguin feet... XDDDDDD

Papa Penguin

Mama Penguin

Happy Feet

Well, they are a family afterall.. so I now have Papa penguin, Mama penguin and Happy Feet. ^_^ 


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

29th June 2011

Wednesday 29th June '11

Today is already halfway through the week. How fast is that? Everytime it reach Wednesday, the rest of the week just seem to slip pass. Without realising, it will be Monday again. Life.

Continue finishing my models. Found that some magnets are just too stubborn, therefore, pulled them out and glue them with super glue. Again.

Try to think of a way to hide the hideous appearance on some part of the boxes. T_T

Laser cut some other pieces out of hips.

The next important thing on the list is the animation. Tried to work some out this afternoon before going home. It seem so easy to do but there's many steps involve. I hope I have enough time to finish them.

6th of July seems near. It's next Wednesday. So soon.

Still need to print and bind the dissertation.
Put some finishing touch on my models.
Render my animation.


Design the poster.

I'm in deep stress now.

And the deeper the stress, the harder it is to concentrate. >_<"

Give me strength please.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

28th June 2011

Tuesday 28th June '11

Away from Monday blues, reaching Tuesday green. Why green? I don't know.

Clean up my dissertation a little and dash down to workshop to continue on the models.

My hair today.. don't know why the colour so striking.. XD

Continue to stick the parts together. Praying that everything will go smoothly today. As long as the models are done, I can concentrate to work on my animations.

1st time take photo with Fiola in workshop.. XD

Today I really do the - 鐵柱磨成針 - thingy. =.=""

Because the size of the box reduce a little (cause I sand it a little..XD), the metal tube need to be shorter. But I've stuck it to the tube with super glue.. T_T

All I can do it using a round filler and scratch them.. XDDDDDD

Not much I can do though.. T_T

Metal bulu

Wonder what harm it would bring to my health by inhaling so much of these.. Tried to close my nose and mouth while doing this.. XDDD

Left over of super glue stain that I have to scrap off... 

Luckily there's a.... forget the machine name.. But it's something like a drill but instead of a drill, it can use for sanding/polishing.. haha 

But in the end, I melted a little hole at the corner.. 


Which I describe as

I am a dentist. 

Trying to clean the teeth. 

Found a hole.

Use filler to fill back the hole.

That's what I did to my poor little box. 


Almost there...

During lunch hour, went back up to CCT2 to continue cleaning my dissertation. Preparing it to print end of the week. Check NTU mail and found a bomb... T_T

They requested us to bring our Expo things to our allocated space on 6th of July. Next Wednesday, 10am! 

Going to faint. 

Am so worried that I can't complete it that I have no more mood to clean my dissertation. Rush down back to workshop to continue.. Also, worried about my animation which I still have no idea how to do. 

Wish me luck. Give me strength. 

Thank you!

Monday, June 27, 2011

27th June 2011

Monday 27th June '11

Another Monday again. Another beginning. Another week.

This week should be better as I will concentrate on completing my models.

However, it is not that smooth...........

Started with laser cutting the acrylic pieces. It fits perfectly. This is a good one.

Little acrylic cover

The holes

After this, things doesn't seem to go as smooth as I want. It's about lunch hour and I stay on in the workshop, trying to stick all the parts together.

1st trial

The 1st time, it was a success. I was so relieved that everything works. However, with my itchy hand that keep opening and closing the box, the cover came off again.. the little wooden tube break off.. I had a terrible time trying to detached the magnet from the broken tube. It was stuck fast with super glue... >_<""""

Spent the next 2 hours, scraping off the superglue on the tube. A small hole of 5mm diameter.

It made me afraid to stick the glue on again.

This is how it should look like. The top part came off with my itchy finger. T_T

Drill some holes on my covers and found out it doesn't fit very well. Using the round filler, file them again. By the time I'm doing this, it's nearly time to close.

Have to continue tomorrow then.

Stand for straight 8 hours today. New record of the day. >_<"

One of the many gangs of tools taken.. >_<" 

Oh, and Jin have returned today! 


Another note

Am so excited over the coming trip.

Hope everything settle soon and we can look forward to it relaxingly. 


Oh, and today, the weather is nearly 30degrees.. 
1st time since the 270+ days I'm in the UK. 
Warm weather.

Wonder how is it like in Europe during summer?

Is it really hot?

Not warm?


Guess I'm so used to British weather that I will be very uncomfortable with tropical weather in 3 months time.

Need to slim down more so I can wear singlets...



ps. Just after I click 'Publish Post', I noticed it was raining!


Time for Bed.

Oh, there goes the bell chime - 9pm


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Very Very Random

Very very random

A break from the rushing of project

Spent the day planning out the itinerary for the long-awaited Europe trip

Still not settle yet though

But it has built up my mood... XD

For dinner, I have...


Tom Yam spaghetti and watermelon! 

Browse through my iphone photos and found this photo I took randomly at a bookstore. Can't believe I'm actually going to visit these places soon!!!



I'm waiting for you!!!


Friday, June 24, 2011

24th June 2011

Friday 24th June '11

Another week has finished.

Today is the last day of Hive Summer school. After meeting Les in the morning, walked to Anthena with Nani for the Hive activity.

We are going to meet some mentors that they had invited and we are going to get the chance to speak to them. As I've skipped Thursday, I do not know which mentors they are and not sure who am I going to speak to. Therefore, did not get a good choice. However, Andy was very organized and tried to allocate some slot for those that did not come on Thursday. So, in the end, we all get to speak to at least 3 mentors.

15mins each mentors.

Terrible long 15mins.

Since I still don't have a very vague idea of my business plan, it's really hard to ask them questions. And if you don't have questions, how to drag a conversation for 15mins? Haha...

I think I made some bad impressions.

Anyway, I still get some good advise about my little blur plan. So, overall, this summer school had given me a very good idea of what I will have to do if I'm going to start working for myself.

Back to workshop after that.

M had cut those small metal disk for me. Fit perfectly. Passed it to him early in the morning before I go to Anthena. By lunch time, he had it done. Efficiency is at its best currently... XD

Around 4.15pm, after the Hive had officially ended, I speed down to the workshop to finish glueing my tubes. Half hour left for me.

And yes! They are all glued now.

Booked my laser cut with G on Monday to cut my acrylics.

Then I will fit the other pieces to the boxes. Hope it fit alright!

The next troublesome thing to do will be the animations. No idea how to do it yet. I guess I will be spending most of the days infront of the computer soon. >_<"

Weekend is here again. Time really flies. I can't grab it anymore.

Need to sleep early today. Wake so early.. 7am.. LoL...

Good Night!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

23rd June 2011

It's Thursday 23rd June '11

Skipped Hive today.

Reach workshop at 9am and saw my materials and decided not to go for the Hive. My heart is with the workshop. Going to the Hive will be a waste since I can't concentrate anyway.

This is the acrylic bubble rod that I've waited for 1 week.

The challenge today is to sand this rod into the shape needed so that I can stick. I spent the whole morning trying to work this out.

Not easy

Make my head big

This is the solvent that I used to stick them

According to K, this solvent works differently that super glue. I tried super glue at 1st and it didn't work. He said that this liquid solvent cement melts the surfaces together instead of filling the gaps like what super glue will do. Therefore, I need to make sure the rods are sand to the right curves to fit the surface or else, if it doesn't have enough surface it wouldn't stick together. 

After lunch, drill holes in my covers and cut more bubble rods to stick. And also stick those painted white wooden rods to my little boxes. Not done yet though. Just glued 3. 

3 more to go. 

Now only I know, there's a spray that fasten super glu dry time. Excellent. But smell terrible! 

Apparently, you put the super glue 1st and then spray that red bottle thingy on it. Immediately, the super glue dries and your things are stuck tight! 

Glued the wooden rods to its place with the magnets and steel rod inside

These 2 are much more simpler since they have flat surfaces. The previous one that I did in the morning, have curve surfaces. Hard hard hard.

Technician M from the metal section is in a great mood today. Gave me a good tips on scraping the 'untidy' pieces from the laser cuts and will help me to cut some of the metals to fit my cover. ^_^

Nothing much happened today except that I'm already 'quite' fed up of my boxes. LOL

K said that it is normal. Everyone started the year very exciting and happy. In the end, everyone become 'ughh'.. and then they got their degrees.. XDDDDD... so true. 

It's not that I'm not excited anymore. But the hectic schedule drives me crazy. Everything seems to clash together. Maybe time management is a big problem for me. Hahaha...  

Tomorrow is the last day of Hive. Thinking of going or not. 

Emailed Les to see what time I could see him about my dissertation. He said 8.30am with Nani together. 

When I'm back and msn with Xian, only know that she is meeting Les at the same time as well. 


Nothing to say. 

Seems like he is going to be very busy. 

Anyway, this mean that I will have to walk to Uni at 8.15am which means I have to wake up at 7.15am. 

What a life. 


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

22nd June 2011

Wednesday, 22nd June '11

Today is an extremely long long day. I'm practically been sitting inside Lt6 for 7 hours. Except for toilet break.

Started the Hive at 9.30am. Suppose to have a lunch break at 12.30pm but because the guest is a little.. too..  very friendly, it seems as if he doesn't have enough time to finish the activities. Therefore, we all stay on during lunch hour. Luckily, very weirdly.. there's a lunch catering. Everyone thought that the caterer might have got the wrong room since no one mentioned anything about free lunch to us. Anyway, without waiting, everyone grab the plates and piled on the sandwiches and panini. There goes the lunch time. Suppose to end at 4.30pm but it drag till about 5pm....

No time for me to pop down to workshop to check my materials and my little tubes. This bothers me a lot. >_<

Nothing much to say about today. Since I've spent the whole day in the Hive.

Not that it's nothing good but my concentration limit is stretch to its... end. We've been talking whole day about brands. Too much Too much.

Tomorrow will be another Hive day. I just hope that I got a little time to pop down the workshop and check out my little things. Good luck for tomorrow!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

21st June 2011

Tuesday 21st June '11

Today I learned a lot.

Miss the 1st day of Hive Summer School but today session was great. It's about costing.

Btw, we all had to signed a mutual agreement in order to protect everyone. Sound so serious.. ^^"

Anyway, the session kick off with everyone standing up and telling everyone about their business plan in brief. Since me and Nani missed yesterday session, we were allowed to sit and listen to the others until the end. Everyone did them yesterday. When I sit and listen, everyone seems to have such a great business idea. It was really fantastic. Now I learn something. Confident.

Today I learned how to be confident about pitching my ideas in front of 30 peoples.

Today I learned about market research, the 5W and 1H thingy. About USP.

Today I learned how to count the cost of a product or service, how to count our hourly rate, how to count our retail and wholesale price, types of overhead for starting a business, and etc etc about costings.

These are really valuable informations and I'm glad I have the chance to know about these. I've never had any course on business before and just today, I've learned so much.

Ling, now I know why d'Gurlz wasn't successful... But, now I've got some ideas. Let's get d'Gurlz up again. It's time for some changes.. hahaha...

Before today session, I still wasn't really sure about my own business plan.

After today session, now I have a general idea of what interest me and what I want to do.

Going to think more about it. I'm sure one day I got the chance to show everyone what's on my mind.

Alright, now, back to the workshop.

The Hive end around 4pm therefore I still have sometime to go down to the workshop to do some work.

Gave my little wooden tubes to C to spray paint. I guess it will be done by tomorrow afternoon.

Speak to K about drilling holes in some awkward position on my little boxes. He said it is easy pessy.. ^^" I hope he's right. Hahaahaha.. It's like the most important process.. once it is wrong, I would have to do it all over again... LOL...

Now, I'm still waiting for the materials to arrive. C told me that the 5mm tube I wanted is not in stocked.... therefore they will sent a 6mm. He said that it 'should' arrive tomorrow. I really hope so. Without the tube, no holes can be drill. No holes, no finish... XD

Oh, and my plinth is finally done. Thanks K! According to him, still need to put the 'car body filling' to fill the holes that he drilled. And then paint on it. I'm looking forward to painting actually. I has been sometime since I actually messed with some... hahahahaha....


Btw, is summer here yet?

Monday, June 20, 2011

20th June 2011

Monday 20th June '11

Very unmotivated day.. I wonder is it related to Monday Blues?

This morning, was asked to participate in a group project regarding designing some products with smart materials. According to the lecturers, there are suppose to be some other students coming but no one beside us turned up. And they said, it was arranged last 2 weeks but in order to suit the other students, they changed it till today. And no one came. >_<"""

What a nice timing. When all our minds were filled with workshop, dissertation, workshop, dissertation. How to think about new products? With smart materials somemore..

Brainstorming for the whole morning. Lunch free.

Was introduced to some smart materials and given some examples. And then, everyone were asked to come up with some ideas. All of us seems to be stuck with stones in our brain. Haha.. Anyway, we all kind of brainstorming around and that past the time. After lunch, we were asked to choose one of the ideas and try to developed it a little. I guess they seems to notice we were all busy, occupied and worried about our projects, he let us off around 2.30pm, requesting us to send him a powerpoint with our ideas. Initially, I think he wanted us to be back tomorrow but he said nothing about that.

It would be a great project to do if only it was 2 weeks ago, when all the undergraduates are busy occupying the workshop. We were kind of free those days. Now? No time to have lunch even. >_<"""

Not to forget about the Hive summer school. Skipped the first day today. Thinking of tomorrow.

Since we were finished by 2.30pm, I went down to the workshop to drill some holes. Success. ^_^

Now, I am still waiting for the other materials to arrive, and then I can measure the size and drill more holes! That is the most crucial part and the last part to do!

I'm going early to the workshop tomorrow to spray my little wooden tubes. Then I'll stick them inside my little box.

On another note, during the smart material project thingy, one of the lecturer asked me whether I know Les (my tutor) is going to Malaysia, KBU or not. I said yes and he say ask him to bring anything back. I tell him simply, "Bring me back.. "  Xddddddd....

With him leaving for the whole week, if there's any trouble, who should we turn to? >_<" Timing is just so right. Next week is the final week for the dissertation. Just get over that and then it is the Expo.

And then it is the holidays. The end of life as a student. Again.

Friday, June 17, 2011

17th June 2011

Friday! 17th June '11

Weekend is reaching again. Thinking back, seems like not much progress.

Friday morning we usually have our weekly tutorial but our tutor request us NOT to wait for him in the classroom but to work in the workshop. Fine.

This morning, ask C to test spray my little box to see the effect. Learned another new thing today. In order to spray a smooth surface, a coating have to be done beforehand. Stuck my hand inside a machine and spray the coat and then C spray the colour on it. Result is not bad.

Spend the whole morning sanding my little tubes into the correct size and angle to fit the box. I have 12 tiny little tubes to sand. Nearly gone bonkers trying to finish them..

The dust collected.. 

Little tubes.. >_<"" 

Must fit! 

It is really tiring to do this process. By lunch time, my hands are already shaking and I can feel them shivering from the inside.. LOL..

Anyway, done that part in the morning. The afternoon is not that productive. Back into workshop around 2pm+ after a short talk with my solidworks tutor. Thought I would drills some holes in the afternoon. In the end, I just continue to sand.. (Will need to drills them on Monday morning)

Oh.. speaking about Monday, our tutor A.C told us that he 'forgot' to tell us about the project on Monday. =.=" According to A.C, we need to show ourselves at Newton for a group project. Imagine.. group project at a time like this??? And for this, we have to skip the 1st day of the HiveStartto..Summer school..and miss a day at workshop.. it better be good.. or else..........

The 6 little 25% done boxes..

By the end of the day, I have sand all the pieces that was laser cut yesterday to smooth surfaces, use masking tape to put the tubes at the correct place (cannot stick yet as I need to spray them 1st...) and allocated the correct amount of magnets and steel tube to each box.

Oh.. the steel tube was cut by another metal technician A. He is very funny.. >_<"" but he is helpful. I will need his help for some little metal disc for my covers as well..haha..Next week!

Next week, during break times of the summer school, I will rush down to the workshop and continue doing them. I hope it'll be enough time to finish.. >_<"

I still have to:

1. Drill holes for the 'backbone'
2. Drill holes at the 'body' for the 'legs'
3. Sand the holder for magnets for the covers
4. Cut the acrylic tubes once they arrived!
5. Laser cut the acrylic pieces for my cover once they arrived!
6. Spray all the pieces
7. Stick the acrylic to the cover
8. Stick the tubes to their correct places in the 'body'
9. Push the steel tube into the tubes
10. Stick the magnets to the cover
11. Put everything together!!!

As for the other works:


1. Check with tutor L my conclusion
2. Tie all loose ends.
3. Check my ref.
4. Finish writing the manufacturing chapter.
5. Check everything
6. Print and Bind!!!

(Deadline 7th July 2011)


1. Render some interesting shots of H-Box
2. Render some simple motion such as rotating, opening the covers, changing of the foam compartment, exploding
3. Edit the videos interviews
4. Combine the interviews with the animations
5. Save them to a compatible file!

(Deadline before expo start.. before 14th July 2011)


1. Get some interesting rendering for the poster
2. Shots of people playing with H-Box
3. Save and prepare to print them!

So far, that's all I can think of.. but I'm sure there's more.. >_<"""

Oh, and K had started my plinth and so far so good. Looks quite pretty to me.. There's still another box to add to it and then it is done! ^_^

The unfinished plinth

Will need to paint them ourselves later on though.. Sounds fun to me.. Reminds me of Sq09.. hahaha.... Time flies..

This evening after a long day in the workshop, when I get the chance to rest and reflect, I realised this year I can actually tell people what I have learned! Previously, when I finish my degree, you ask me what have I learned, I can't really tell you. Now, I can!

To name a few:

1. I learn the used of many machines and how to make certain products. Something that I've never known. What is injection moulding, what is laser cutting, what is vacuum form, what is moulding, what is CNC, what is rapid prototype.. At least, I now have a general idea of some of them and even used few of them.

2. Know the process of design methodology. Been there done that. Was forced to do by our tutor and it really bangs it into the head.

3. Learn what is paired comparison, decision matrix, design matrix, to learn how to do sensitivity graphs

4. Understand more of various materials and how to use them

5. How to make some simple products and the process of it. Since being very new to product design, I'm sooo very lost at the first few months when I'm trying to figure out how to make my little box. Consult technician K and he enlightened me a lot. That's the beginning.

6. Try my hand on various tools and know the use and name

7. The actual way of doing architectural models. Look very simple but in fact, needs a lot of technique. Did not get a chance to do those of cause, but looking at the other students' work, it is very eye-opening and interesting.

I think there's more to add to the list. So far, that's the few important that come to my mind.

It seems like something so simple but in fact, these are things that I don't know, after being in the design world for the 6th year. I have to admit, graduating from my degree, I really don't know what I have learned.

Maybe it is because I'm still blur about things. Now, to see the 'behind-the-stage' situation, everything seems to click into places and I finally understand many things. I'm happy that I made the decision to come here. If in the end, when I'm back at M'sia, whether I'm in the ID industry or PD industry or neither, I don't think this year is a waste. I've open my eyes so much bigger.


On another note, 

Weekend is here. 

Father's Day is coming. 

Dear Daddy, 
Happy Birthday!!! 
Happy Daddy's Day!!!!!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

16th June 2011


Today is Thursday! 16th June '11.

Began the same as usual by reaching Uni around 9.30am. Walked into the empty computer room and turn it on. It is as if the computer actually belongs to us already. We need to log in with our student no. and password, and then stuff that we saved on that particular computer will appear. Since no one is at Uni, we use the same one each time. So? That computer began to be full of our traces.. hahaha..

Went down to the workshop and start the day.

Sand my 6 little moulds until they are pretty.

Speak to K about my rod and he cut them for me straight away. Very fortunate. ^^ But it is hard work.. to drill a 5mm diameter hole on a 8mm diameter wooden rod.. XD.. Thanks a lot.. ^^

After that, sand the rod until it fits my box.

It's about lunch time by the time I sand them down. Therefore, decided to leave the workshop earlier and back to our homebase - the computer room. Check my measurements for the box's bone and covers and etc. I've cut them earlier on a laser cutter but problems occurred. The measurement is not accurate due to the unevenness cause by the cutter. The edges is rough and my holes is not perfectly cut. No.. It is not good at all. Therefore, decided to cut them again at another laser cutter. This machines cut perfectly. I'll show you!

Rough edges - need alot of sanding and it'll make the sizes all wrong

Beautifully cut. Perfect sizes. ^^

To cut the pieces of hips, there is not without problems. First, the computer doesn't read my dxf file correctly. All my shapes are wrong. >_<" Therefore, technician G need to copy and paste them and edit the size again. Throughout this process, I'm afraid my sizes will not be good again. However, the end result is ^_^

While waiting for them to finish, I almost fall asleep.. 

Finish cutting after about 30minutes! Worth the wait though! 

After that, the day is perfect for me. Since I'm so worried about the measurement before lunch, now it is settled, I'm so relieved! 

Another small thing that's bugging me is my plinth. Gave my drawings to K for him to made about 2 weeks ago with my other classmates. However, I noticed some other student wrote something on the back of my drawing for K. I'm afraid he might not notice and bring it elsewhere and my drawing is gone. These few days I'm in the workshop, I saw K making the plinth. He made those simple box-shape plinths first. Since mine is a bit... special I know he will not do it 1st. However, I've been looking at the stack of drawings of plinth he had to make and mine wasn't there. T_T  I knew it...

So, I ask him about it this evening..and very true.. he look for it and say it's not there. I knew it I knew it. I've already printed another for him. See? I'm so well prepared... ^_^"""

Then, ask technician A about some steel rod and plate to fit my magnets. He's very friendly. First time ask for his help. He found a rod for me and start to tell me how to cut them to the sizes I want. Then he stop and think. He say if I'm not in rush for the rod, tomorrow he will help me to do it on another machine which require lesser work. As if I cut them on the saw, I need to sand both edges.. and I need 12 of them..which mean I have 24 edges to sand. He jokingly said he will not add more troubles to my life.. wahhahaha.... that's so nice of him! Will find him first thing early tomorrow! ^_^

Back to the computer as the workshop is closing around 5pm.. While waiting for Fiola to finish, I tried on my solidworks animation again. I guess I need to work on the animation soon. I've left it for a week.. haha.. Still need to edit my video interviews and add on the animations. ^_^

Tomorrow is Friday. I'm hoping everyone mood will be great. If the technician moods are great, your work will be done quicker! ^_^

Had some ready-made and hot chicken as dinner. Lazy to cook. Delicious. But not satisfied. Need some exotic food. Maybe Nasi lemak will be great...wahahaha...Oh.. and those asam laksa and curry mee! Oh no.. have to stop this thought.. 

It is now 8.50pm. Sun is setting far far away. Traces of pinkish orangish sunlight is there. Today weather is not that warm. Workshop is cool as well. That is good. 

Btw, I noticed since the temperature had risen a little, my handwashed clothes that dried up within a night doesn't anymore. Even as small as a sock. Usually, I washed them at night. By morning, it has dried and ready to wear. Now, my socks are still damp... >_<"" 

Since going to the workshop require safety boots.. which required socks... I'm currentl lacking of socks... ahahahhahaha....Maybe I should just wear leggings... Just a little lazy to pull the legging up my leg.... XDDDDDD

Stop that.. 

Ok.. today thoughts are a little mixed up. I'm quite happy with the progress but at the same time, I'm also very worried about not having enough time. I'm going to attend a summer school next whole week. Which means I've lost a whole week in the workshop.... Should I attend or should I not? 

Still have to finish dissertation, print them and bind them. Finish animation. Finish some renderings for posters. Finish my 6 troublesome little models. 

Sounds like a lot to do. 

Can I finish them on time?

7th July 2011......

After that, I guess life would be carefree.... 

It's only few weeks left. Few weeks left as a student. Time flies...................................................

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

15th June 2011

Hello 15th June '11, Ms Wednesday!

Today is a quite productive day. Not very but acceptable! Yep!


I've been standing in the workshop for the whole day.. starting at 10am till 12.30pm..lunch break..back down at 1.30pm  till 4.30pm.. My legs were scolding me for standing so long. No chairs in workshop.. T_T

However, it is worth it as I kind of done many things.

1. Filled up the crack on my mould.
It was chipped of when it was cut in the machine for dunno-what-reason. Thanks Fiola for helping me as I have no idea what to do with the can of plaster.. LOL

Car Body Filling.. xddd 

2. K the technician helped to vacuum form my foam and hips! 

The challenge is to cut the foam prettily.. It is very hard because my angle is small and a little awkward. Besides the foam is not an easy to cut material as it rip very easily. Discuss with various people about how to get it cut neatly and finally settled on using the scissors. I practised many times before going for the real pieces. And finally, I done it!

See the wood thingy behind? That's my mould to cut the shapes out.. Hard work you know! Haha... I'm so happy now!! ^_^

So today I've done the mould things and the next thing to do is to put them all together! And I'm guessing that's the hardest part of all... I think tomorrow is another full day at workshop. Hope it's another productive day. Or my legs will runaway... >_<"

Oh! This is the mould to make those colourful shapes! ^_^

See? This is the results! hahaha.. 

After cut!


Busy day

I'm very tired after reaching my home. Wanted to just sit and do nothing. However, after a quick shower and some hot noodles, oh.. and grapes, I am refresh! Started to cut the foams and after finishing and looking at the results... oh.. Now I'm a HAPPY GIRL!


Cheers for tomorrow!

SC. If you are reading this..Good luck for you as well!!! You've got my blessing.. hahahaha.... 


PS. The lesson of the day. Remember to say 'Thank you'

PSS. The lesson of the minute. Must proof read everything you write.. Even a blog post as mistake is so easy to make.