Tuesday, June 21, 2011

21st June 2011

Tuesday 21st June '11

Today I learned a lot.

Miss the 1st day of Hive Summer School but today session was great. It's about costing.

Btw, we all had to signed a mutual agreement in order to protect everyone. Sound so serious.. ^^"

Anyway, the session kick off with everyone standing up and telling everyone about their business plan in brief. Since me and Nani missed yesterday session, we were allowed to sit and listen to the others until the end. Everyone did them yesterday. When I sit and listen, everyone seems to have such a great business idea. It was really fantastic. Now I learn something. Confident.

Today I learned how to be confident about pitching my ideas in front of 30 peoples.

Today I learned about market research, the 5W and 1H thingy. About USP.

Today I learned how to count the cost of a product or service, how to count our hourly rate, how to count our retail and wholesale price, types of overhead for starting a business, and etc etc about costings.

These are really valuable informations and I'm glad I have the chance to know about these. I've never had any course on business before and just today, I've learned so much.

Ling, now I know why d'Gurlz wasn't successful... But, now I've got some ideas. Let's get d'Gurlz up again. It's time for some changes.. hahaha...

Before today session, I still wasn't really sure about my own business plan.

After today session, now I have a general idea of what interest me and what I want to do.

Going to think more about it. I'm sure one day I got the chance to show everyone what's on my mind.

Alright, now, back to the workshop.

The Hive end around 4pm therefore I still have sometime to go down to the workshop to do some work.

Gave my little wooden tubes to C to spray paint. I guess it will be done by tomorrow afternoon.

Speak to K about drilling holes in some awkward position on my little boxes. He said it is easy pessy.. ^^" I hope he's right. Hahaahaha.. It's like the most important process.. once it is wrong, I would have to do it all over again... LOL...

Now, I'm still waiting for the materials to arrive. C told me that the 5mm tube I wanted is not in stocked.... therefore they will sent a 6mm. He said that it 'should' arrive tomorrow. I really hope so. Without the tube, no holes can be drill. No holes, no finish... XD

Oh, and my plinth is finally done. Thanks K! According to him, still need to put the 'car body filling' to fill the holes that he drilled. And then paint on it. I'm looking forward to painting actually. I has been sometime since I actually messed with some... hahahahaha....


Btw, is summer here yet?

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