Monday, June 27, 2011

27th June 2011

Monday 27th June '11

Another Monday again. Another beginning. Another week.

This week should be better as I will concentrate on completing my models.

However, it is not that smooth...........

Started with laser cutting the acrylic pieces. It fits perfectly. This is a good one.

Little acrylic cover

The holes

After this, things doesn't seem to go as smooth as I want. It's about lunch hour and I stay on in the workshop, trying to stick all the parts together.

1st trial

The 1st time, it was a success. I was so relieved that everything works. However, with my itchy hand that keep opening and closing the box, the cover came off again.. the little wooden tube break off.. I had a terrible time trying to detached the magnet from the broken tube. It was stuck fast with super glue... >_<""""

Spent the next 2 hours, scraping off the superglue on the tube. A small hole of 5mm diameter.

It made me afraid to stick the glue on again.

This is how it should look like. The top part came off with my itchy finger. T_T

Drill some holes on my covers and found out it doesn't fit very well. Using the round filler, file them again. By the time I'm doing this, it's nearly time to close.

Have to continue tomorrow then.

Stand for straight 8 hours today. New record of the day. >_<"

One of the many gangs of tools taken.. >_<" 

Oh, and Jin have returned today! 


Another note

Am so excited over the coming trip.

Hope everything settle soon and we can look forward to it relaxingly. 


Oh, and today, the weather is nearly 30degrees.. 
1st time since the 270+ days I'm in the UK. 
Warm weather.

Wonder how is it like in Europe during summer?

Is it really hot?

Not warm?


Guess I'm so used to British weather that I will be very uncomfortable with tropical weather in 3 months time.

Need to slim down more so I can wear singlets...



ps. Just after I click 'Publish Post', I noticed it was raining!


Time for Bed.

Oh, there goes the bell chime - 9pm


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