Monday, June 13, 2011

13th June 2011

Dear friends,

I have decided to write an entry a day until.... until... until I forgot. XD

Joke aside, I've decided to write a short daily entry about my days.. rushing for final models, dissertation, animations,etc etc etc. It's to keep record of what I'm going through and maybe next year, when I read back, it will bring back memories. ^^


Monday, 13th June '11

Reach Uni early in the morning, around 9am+. Planned to go into the workshop to check on my cnc mould, whether it is done or not. And also to check on the electrical technician to test my LED. Oh, and to go to the laser cutter room to cut my pieces on hips and mdf.

Things doesn't seem to go as smooth as I wanted it to (as usual).

First, I successfully cut my pieces on the laser cut as there's no one booked in the morning. Oh, and besides the pieces for my model, I also cut a little cute rabbit! ^^ However, the hips that was cut wasn't very neat. I'm guessing I might have to cut them again later.

Second, bump into Sue while leaving the laser cut room. Oh, Sue is the technician. She saw the coin cell that I bought and check that it is the right one. But she told me she need another hour or so to finish up my thing. So I left.

Third, walk into the workshop to look for my parts. C told me that he would have to check as it seems he did not receive anything. So I nod and expect him to check soon. I stayed in the workshop to stick my mdf together and at the same time wait for C to check so that if he did not receive it, I will sent it to him again. I need that quick. However, he seem to forget and do other things with another guy. After I've done my mdf, I couldn't hang around any longer and just left the workshop. >_<"

Not a very productive morning, but it seems that's how I will be spending my days....

Later in the afternoon, check back on Sue and she is ready for me. LED shine very pretty but there still some adjustment to be made. Will have to check back on her tomorrow. This time I will be sure to go in the afternoon, not the morning.

Then, into the workshop I went. Found C and he said he is cutting the 1st and will start the 2nd later. He mentioned my email went into the draft box. >_<"""

So, I'm in a quite positive mood after this news as I assumed I could start work tomorrow. HOPE! Crossed my fingers!

Then, went for the HiveStart To... Summer school Introductory session. Was offered a free place for this summer school. However, I was thinking of skipping the summer school as it last for a whole week beginning on the 20th till 24th. I still have my dissertation, animation and the 6 models to be done. I'm afraid I wouldn't have enough time do finish it. 7th is the deadline for dissertation and 6th for the Expo display.

However, when I attend the Introductory session and they begin to explain about what is going to be done during the week, I kind of feel excited and I'm guessing I might learn something about doing business for myself. And learn to communicate more as well. It seems to be a bit different from the previous HiveStart to... session I went to few months ago. (That bore me a little.. haha) So, I've decided to go for it!

Therefore, I've predicted my days to be busy and I hope I would not be lazy lazy and lazy. I know I am though! ^^""

Keep telling myself that finish this and it's time to travel around. (At the same time, I don't want it to finish. Being a student is too much fun. Even at times like this... haha)


ps. It's 9.28pm and it is clear and bright outside. They say summer is here but the temperature is just below 20degrees.. Summer? haha

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