Monday, June 20, 2011

20th June 2011

Monday 20th June '11

Very unmotivated day.. I wonder is it related to Monday Blues?

This morning, was asked to participate in a group project regarding designing some products with smart materials. According to the lecturers, there are suppose to be some other students coming but no one beside us turned up. And they said, it was arranged last 2 weeks but in order to suit the other students, they changed it till today. And no one came. >_<"""

What a nice timing. When all our minds were filled with workshop, dissertation, workshop, dissertation. How to think about new products? With smart materials somemore..

Brainstorming for the whole morning. Lunch free.

Was introduced to some smart materials and given some examples. And then, everyone were asked to come up with some ideas. All of us seems to be stuck with stones in our brain. Haha.. Anyway, we all kind of brainstorming around and that past the time. After lunch, we were asked to choose one of the ideas and try to developed it a little. I guess they seems to notice we were all busy, occupied and worried about our projects, he let us off around 2.30pm, requesting us to send him a powerpoint with our ideas. Initially, I think he wanted us to be back tomorrow but he said nothing about that.

It would be a great project to do if only it was 2 weeks ago, when all the undergraduates are busy occupying the workshop. We were kind of free those days. Now? No time to have lunch even. >_<"""

Not to forget about the Hive summer school. Skipped the first day today. Thinking of tomorrow.

Since we were finished by 2.30pm, I went down to the workshop to drill some holes. Success. ^_^

Now, I am still waiting for the other materials to arrive, and then I can measure the size and drill more holes! That is the most crucial part and the last part to do!

I'm going early to the workshop tomorrow to spray my little wooden tubes. Then I'll stick them inside my little box.

On another note, during the smart material project thingy, one of the lecturer asked me whether I know Les (my tutor) is going to Malaysia, KBU or not. I said yes and he say ask him to bring anything back. I tell him simply, "Bring me back.. "  Xddddddd....

With him leaving for the whole week, if there's any trouble, who should we turn to? >_<" Timing is just so right. Next week is the final week for the dissertation. Just get over that and then it is the Expo.

And then it is the holidays. The end of life as a student. Again.

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