Friday, June 24, 2011

24th June 2011

Friday 24th June '11

Another week has finished.

Today is the last day of Hive Summer school. After meeting Les in the morning, walked to Anthena with Nani for the Hive activity.

We are going to meet some mentors that they had invited and we are going to get the chance to speak to them. As I've skipped Thursday, I do not know which mentors they are and not sure who am I going to speak to. Therefore, did not get a good choice. However, Andy was very organized and tried to allocate some slot for those that did not come on Thursday. So, in the end, we all get to speak to at least 3 mentors.

15mins each mentors.

Terrible long 15mins.

Since I still don't have a very vague idea of my business plan, it's really hard to ask them questions. And if you don't have questions, how to drag a conversation for 15mins? Haha...

I think I made some bad impressions.

Anyway, I still get some good advise about my little blur plan. So, overall, this summer school had given me a very good idea of what I will have to do if I'm going to start working for myself.

Back to workshop after that.

M had cut those small metal disk for me. Fit perfectly. Passed it to him early in the morning before I go to Anthena. By lunch time, he had it done. Efficiency is at its best currently... XD

Around 4.15pm, after the Hive had officially ended, I speed down to the workshop to finish glueing my tubes. Half hour left for me.

And yes! They are all glued now.

Booked my laser cut with G on Monday to cut my acrylics.

Then I will fit the other pieces to the boxes. Hope it fit alright!

The next troublesome thing to do will be the animations. No idea how to do it yet. I guess I will be spending most of the days infront of the computer soon. >_<"

Weekend is here again. Time really flies. I can't grab it anymore.

Need to sleep early today. Wake so early.. 7am.. LoL...

Good Night!

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