Wednesday, June 15, 2011

15th June 2011

Hello 15th June '11, Ms Wednesday!

Today is a quite productive day. Not very but acceptable! Yep!


I've been standing in the workshop for the whole day.. starting at 10am till 12.30pm..lunch break..back down at 1.30pm  till 4.30pm.. My legs were scolding me for standing so long. No chairs in workshop.. T_T

However, it is worth it as I kind of done many things.

1. Filled up the crack on my mould.
It was chipped of when it was cut in the machine for dunno-what-reason. Thanks Fiola for helping me as I have no idea what to do with the can of plaster.. LOL

Car Body Filling.. xddd 

2. K the technician helped to vacuum form my foam and hips! 

The challenge is to cut the foam prettily.. It is very hard because my angle is small and a little awkward. Besides the foam is not an easy to cut material as it rip very easily. Discuss with various people about how to get it cut neatly and finally settled on using the scissors. I practised many times before going for the real pieces. And finally, I done it!

See the wood thingy behind? That's my mould to cut the shapes out.. Hard work you know! Haha... I'm so happy now!! ^_^

So today I've done the mould things and the next thing to do is to put them all together! And I'm guessing that's the hardest part of all... I think tomorrow is another full day at workshop. Hope it's another productive day. Or my legs will runaway... >_<"

Oh! This is the mould to make those colourful shapes! ^_^

See? This is the results! hahaha.. 

After cut!


Busy day

I'm very tired after reaching my home. Wanted to just sit and do nothing. However, after a quick shower and some hot noodles, oh.. and grapes, I am refresh! Started to cut the foams and after finishing and looking at the results... oh.. Now I'm a HAPPY GIRL!


Cheers for tomorrow!

SC. If you are reading this..Good luck for you as well!!! You've got my blessing.. hahahaha.... 


PS. The lesson of the day. Remember to say 'Thank you'

PSS. The lesson of the minute. Must proof read everything you write.. Even a blog post as mistake is so easy to make. 

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