Friday, June 17, 2011

17th June 2011

Friday! 17th June '11

Weekend is reaching again. Thinking back, seems like not much progress.

Friday morning we usually have our weekly tutorial but our tutor request us NOT to wait for him in the classroom but to work in the workshop. Fine.

This morning, ask C to test spray my little box to see the effect. Learned another new thing today. In order to spray a smooth surface, a coating have to be done beforehand. Stuck my hand inside a machine and spray the coat and then C spray the colour on it. Result is not bad.

Spend the whole morning sanding my little tubes into the correct size and angle to fit the box. I have 12 tiny little tubes to sand. Nearly gone bonkers trying to finish them..

The dust collected.. 

Little tubes.. >_<"" 

Must fit! 

It is really tiring to do this process. By lunch time, my hands are already shaking and I can feel them shivering from the inside.. LOL..

Anyway, done that part in the morning. The afternoon is not that productive. Back into workshop around 2pm+ after a short talk with my solidworks tutor. Thought I would drills some holes in the afternoon. In the end, I just continue to sand.. (Will need to drills them on Monday morning)

Oh.. speaking about Monday, our tutor A.C told us that he 'forgot' to tell us about the project on Monday. =.=" According to A.C, we need to show ourselves at Newton for a group project. Imagine.. group project at a time like this??? And for this, we have to skip the 1st day of the HiveStartto..Summer school..and miss a day at workshop.. it better be good.. or else..........

The 6 little 25% done boxes..

By the end of the day, I have sand all the pieces that was laser cut yesterday to smooth surfaces, use masking tape to put the tubes at the correct place (cannot stick yet as I need to spray them 1st...) and allocated the correct amount of magnets and steel tube to each box.

Oh.. the steel tube was cut by another metal technician A. He is very funny.. >_<"" but he is helpful. I will need his help for some little metal disc for my covers as well..haha..Next week!

Next week, during break times of the summer school, I will rush down to the workshop and continue doing them. I hope it'll be enough time to finish.. >_<"

I still have to:

1. Drill holes for the 'backbone'
2. Drill holes at the 'body' for the 'legs'
3. Sand the holder for magnets for the covers
4. Cut the acrylic tubes once they arrived!
5. Laser cut the acrylic pieces for my cover once they arrived!
6. Spray all the pieces
7. Stick the acrylic to the cover
8. Stick the tubes to their correct places in the 'body'
9. Push the steel tube into the tubes
10. Stick the magnets to the cover
11. Put everything together!!!

As for the other works:


1. Check with tutor L my conclusion
2. Tie all loose ends.
3. Check my ref.
4. Finish writing the manufacturing chapter.
5. Check everything
6. Print and Bind!!!

(Deadline 7th July 2011)


1. Render some interesting shots of H-Box
2. Render some simple motion such as rotating, opening the covers, changing of the foam compartment, exploding
3. Edit the videos interviews
4. Combine the interviews with the animations
5. Save them to a compatible file!

(Deadline before expo start.. before 14th July 2011)


1. Get some interesting rendering for the poster
2. Shots of people playing with H-Box
3. Save and prepare to print them!

So far, that's all I can think of.. but I'm sure there's more.. >_<"""

Oh, and K had started my plinth and so far so good. Looks quite pretty to me.. There's still another box to add to it and then it is done! ^_^

The unfinished plinth

Will need to paint them ourselves later on though.. Sounds fun to me.. Reminds me of Sq09.. hahaha.... Time flies..

This evening after a long day in the workshop, when I get the chance to rest and reflect, I realised this year I can actually tell people what I have learned! Previously, when I finish my degree, you ask me what have I learned, I can't really tell you. Now, I can!

To name a few:

1. I learn the used of many machines and how to make certain products. Something that I've never known. What is injection moulding, what is laser cutting, what is vacuum form, what is moulding, what is CNC, what is rapid prototype.. At least, I now have a general idea of some of them and even used few of them.

2. Know the process of design methodology. Been there done that. Was forced to do by our tutor and it really bangs it into the head.

3. Learn what is paired comparison, decision matrix, design matrix, to learn how to do sensitivity graphs

4. Understand more of various materials and how to use them

5. How to make some simple products and the process of it. Since being very new to product design, I'm sooo very lost at the first few months when I'm trying to figure out how to make my little box. Consult technician K and he enlightened me a lot. That's the beginning.

6. Try my hand on various tools and know the use and name

7. The actual way of doing architectural models. Look very simple but in fact, needs a lot of technique. Did not get a chance to do those of cause, but looking at the other students' work, it is very eye-opening and interesting.

I think there's more to add to the list. So far, that's the few important that come to my mind.

It seems like something so simple but in fact, these are things that I don't know, after being in the design world for the 6th year. I have to admit, graduating from my degree, I really don't know what I have learned.

Maybe it is because I'm still blur about things. Now, to see the 'behind-the-stage' situation, everything seems to click into places and I finally understand many things. I'm happy that I made the decision to come here. If in the end, when I'm back at M'sia, whether I'm in the ID industry or PD industry or neither, I don't think this year is a waste. I've open my eyes so much bigger.


On another note, 

Weekend is here. 

Father's Day is coming. 

Dear Daddy, 
Happy Birthday!!! 
Happy Daddy's Day!!!!!


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