Tuesday, June 28, 2011

28th June 2011

Tuesday 28th June '11

Away from Monday blues, reaching Tuesday green. Why green? I don't know.

Clean up my dissertation a little and dash down to workshop to continue on the models.

My hair today.. don't know why the colour so striking.. XD

Continue to stick the parts together. Praying that everything will go smoothly today. As long as the models are done, I can concentrate to work on my animations.

1st time take photo with Fiola in workshop.. XD

Today I really do the - 鐵柱磨成針 - thingy. =.=""

Because the size of the box reduce a little (cause I sand it a little..XD), the metal tube need to be shorter. But I've stuck it to the tube with super glue.. T_T

All I can do it using a round filler and scratch them.. XDDDDDD

Not much I can do though.. T_T

Metal bulu

Wonder what harm it would bring to my health by inhaling so much of these.. Tried to close my nose and mouth while doing this.. XDDD

Left over of super glue stain that I have to scrap off... 

Luckily there's a.... forget the machine name.. But it's something like a drill but instead of a drill, it can use for sanding/polishing.. haha 

But in the end, I melted a little hole at the corner.. 


Which I describe as

I am a dentist. 

Trying to clean the teeth. 

Found a hole.

Use filler to fill back the hole.

That's what I did to my poor little box. 


Almost there...

During lunch hour, went back up to CCT2 to continue cleaning my dissertation. Preparing it to print end of the week. Check NTU mail and found a bomb... T_T

They requested us to bring our Expo things to our allocated space on 6th of July. Next Wednesday, 10am! 

Going to faint. 

Am so worried that I can't complete it that I have no more mood to clean my dissertation. Rush down back to workshop to continue.. Also, worried about my animation which I still have no idea how to do. 

Wish me luck. Give me strength. 

Thank you!

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