Wednesday, June 29, 2011

29th June 2011

Wednesday 29th June '11

Today is already halfway through the week. How fast is that? Everytime it reach Wednesday, the rest of the week just seem to slip pass. Without realising, it will be Monday again. Life.

Continue finishing my models. Found that some magnets are just too stubborn, therefore, pulled them out and glue them with super glue. Again.

Try to think of a way to hide the hideous appearance on some part of the boxes. T_T

Laser cut some other pieces out of hips.

The next important thing on the list is the animation. Tried to work some out this afternoon before going home. It seem so easy to do but there's many steps involve. I hope I have enough time to finish them.

6th of July seems near. It's next Wednesday. So soon.

Still need to print and bind the dissertation.
Put some finishing touch on my models.
Render my animation.


Design the poster.

I'm in deep stress now.

And the deeper the stress, the harder it is to concentrate. >_<"

Give me strength please.

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