Wednesday, June 22, 2011

22nd June 2011

Wednesday, 22nd June '11

Today is an extremely long long day. I'm practically been sitting inside Lt6 for 7 hours. Except for toilet break.

Started the Hive at 9.30am. Suppose to have a lunch break at 12.30pm but because the guest is a little.. too..  very friendly, it seems as if he doesn't have enough time to finish the activities. Therefore, we all stay on during lunch hour. Luckily, very weirdly.. there's a lunch catering. Everyone thought that the caterer might have got the wrong room since no one mentioned anything about free lunch to us. Anyway, without waiting, everyone grab the plates and piled on the sandwiches and panini. There goes the lunch time. Suppose to end at 4.30pm but it drag till about 5pm....

No time for me to pop down to workshop to check my materials and my little tubes. This bothers me a lot. >_<

Nothing much to say about today. Since I've spent the whole day in the Hive.

Not that it's nothing good but my concentration limit is stretch to its... end. We've been talking whole day about brands. Too much Too much.

Tomorrow will be another Hive day. I just hope that I got a little time to pop down the workshop and check out my little things. Good luck for tomorrow!


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