Saturday, June 11, 2011

6 weeks left

While looking through the timetable for the rest of this semester, I'd just realised that there are only JUST 6 weeks left. That is less than 2 months. I've only left 6 weeks till I'm no longer a student. Why is it so fast all of a sudden?

I could still remember the first few days. Looking back.. it seems like just yesterday. Where did all the time gone?

Part of me is happy that I will be going home in 3 months+ time. Another me is feeling sad that she is leaving the UK and student life. I wanted to be back at home, to feel the love surrounding me. But I've also enjoyed the life here as a student. I guess it is always hard when the end is near.

So, 6 weeks left and what do I have to do?


As a Student

1. In 4 weeks time, we will have our MA Expo.
2. Still have to finish up the dissertation, tie all the loose end and wrap them up!
3. 6 pending models to be finish (and make sure it works well) - days are going to be spend inside the workshop
4. Edit videos interview of various users and add in animation of my design (which I do not have any knowledge of video editing in the 1st place)
5. Get ready the Expo posters and etc etc.

As a going-back-home-student

1. Throw away unwanted items so that I wouldn't need to carry them to my new accommodation in 7 weeks time
2. Pack up some heavy and unused stuff to send them off to Malaysia
3. Decide on the itinerary   for travel travel travel
4. Take more photos before leaving the UK

So many things to do. And all I wanted to do, is just travel. >_<""

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