Thursday, June 23, 2011

23rd June 2011

It's Thursday 23rd June '11

Skipped Hive today.

Reach workshop at 9am and saw my materials and decided not to go for the Hive. My heart is with the workshop. Going to the Hive will be a waste since I can't concentrate anyway.

This is the acrylic bubble rod that I've waited for 1 week.

The challenge today is to sand this rod into the shape needed so that I can stick. I spent the whole morning trying to work this out.

Not easy

Make my head big

This is the solvent that I used to stick them

According to K, this solvent works differently that super glue. I tried super glue at 1st and it didn't work. He said that this liquid solvent cement melts the surfaces together instead of filling the gaps like what super glue will do. Therefore, I need to make sure the rods are sand to the right curves to fit the surface or else, if it doesn't have enough surface it wouldn't stick together. 

After lunch, drill holes in my covers and cut more bubble rods to stick. And also stick those painted white wooden rods to my little boxes. Not done yet though. Just glued 3. 

3 more to go. 

Now only I know, there's a spray that fasten super glu dry time. Excellent. But smell terrible! 

Apparently, you put the super glue 1st and then spray that red bottle thingy on it. Immediately, the super glue dries and your things are stuck tight! 

Glued the wooden rods to its place with the magnets and steel rod inside

These 2 are much more simpler since they have flat surfaces. The previous one that I did in the morning, have curve surfaces. Hard hard hard.

Technician M from the metal section is in a great mood today. Gave me a good tips on scraping the 'untidy' pieces from the laser cuts and will help me to cut some of the metals to fit my cover. ^_^

Nothing much happened today except that I'm already 'quite' fed up of my boxes. LOL

K said that it is normal. Everyone started the year very exciting and happy. In the end, everyone become 'ughh'.. and then they got their degrees.. XDDDDD... so true. 

It's not that I'm not excited anymore. But the hectic schedule drives me crazy. Everything seems to clash together. Maybe time management is a big problem for me. Hahaha...  

Tomorrow is the last day of Hive. Thinking of going or not. 

Emailed Les to see what time I could see him about my dissertation. He said 8.30am with Nani together. 

When I'm back and msn with Xian, only know that she is meeting Les at the same time as well. 


Nothing to say. 

Seems like he is going to be very busy. 

Anyway, this mean that I will have to walk to Uni at 8.15am which means I have to wake up at 7.15am. 

What a life. 


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