Tuesday, June 14, 2011

14th June 2011

Today is Tuesday 14th June '11.

Today weather is warm and comfortable. But not if you are wearing your cardigan and rushing about in the street looking for the stupid material you need. Like me for instance.

I walked around this morning trying to find a shop that sells the material that is suitable to use for my model. To no avail though. Back to the computer room (where I've been spending 80% of my time) I began to sweat. Luckily, the aircond is on.

Anyway, today did not have much progress as well. Got my cnc mould and will try to get the chipped corner filled tomorrow morning. I hope I don't need to wait long for it to dry and ready to vacuum form as the workshop is only open in the morning on Wed. =.="

Try to tie all the loose ends in  my dissertation. Since we did not have a brief from the very first day, I did not know we have to use Verdana. Therefore, I change all of the words to the V. For those who know, V and Times New Roman size 12 font differs A LOT! Omgawddd.. imagine the changes I had to do to the 80+ pages..arranging them again, photos put neatly again... really make my head spin. Before is only 70+ pages, after is already 80+..... why so big....

Meet Sue and test out the LED... not really working yet and she tried with different .. dunno-what-it-is-called-thingy... In her little workplace, it work perfectly. When she handed it to me, and I brought it back with me to the computer room, put in the batteries, it failed to work! Bump into her at the workshop when I'm looking for another technician, I told her about it and she commented maybe is the battery being too new and strong. She would have to adjust the thingy again tomorrow..

Told the technician K that I need to vacuum form my things and he told me to pop in tomorrow morning. I hope he remembers and is free. Or else I would be left stranded again. >_<"

What an unproductive day.. haha...

Btw, the whole computer room was dominated by the few of us. As the Uni was out of term time, no one is doing any work. Everyone is having their summer holiday....haha.. without the summer though.

Anyway, I will be having mine in 1 and half month time. Very looking forward to it. Been planning the route to see the best of Europe and I hope this time I get to see what I always dreamed of.

Oh, I bought a ready-made chicken wings today as dinner. Yummy yum!

Ps. The music is BLASTING from my flatmates room.... The room is so small. Do they have to open the music THAAATTT LOUD??! I feel for their ears though.  >_<" I feel for mine as well.. ^^"

See you guys tomorrow. I hope I will write I HAVE VACUUM MY 6 MODELS! *pop* *pop* *pop*

PSS. The new TVB drama is awesome! I love you TVB! Without your existent, I would be so lonely and depressed. All I'm looking forward each day is you! ^_^

It's 9.08pm now as as usual, still bright and clear. And a little trace of sunlight far away there. Wonder is it the faraway land? LOL... ^^"""

PSSS. I have weird weird dreams these days. Ling.. if you read this.. I dream of you yesterday..or rather, this morning. We are going to a swimming pool but I keep you waiting. You have changed but I'm still doing dunno-what with my bag and walking around. You keep rushing me but I tell you coming coming. I walked into the room to changed but something happened and it took me hours. When I'm finally done, I walked out and look for you and found you sleeping on the floor in the middle of the changing room.... hahahahahaha...

PSSS. It's tired to have so many weird dreams. It seems as if I've never slept. >_<

PSSSS. I think I have to many PSSSS. I just have too many random things that I want to keep as memory... LOL...

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