Friday, January 30, 2009

21ST Birthday!

my 21st birthday!!!

at FIREMAN bbq restaurant at Jaya 1
1st time there
new surprise..
(doesn't wan to mention.. haha -.-)

the girlsfriends!! haha.. all my beloved frens together!!!

muaks!! thanks for being wif me during this meaningful day!!
means a lot a lot to me! really and truly!

wowee.. fabulous gift!!!

not to forget those great great gift u guys prepared!!

feel 'em hou yi si' coz u guys spend SOOOOO MUCH
and spend u guys sleeping time to buy all those.. truly happy and touch..
never think u guys are willing to spend those 2 precious things
just to make my birthday meaningful!!!

wishes + cake = happiness!!!
ah hum! delicious cake!! yummy and just rite! haha!

*thanks everyone!!!!!!*

*u guys are really the great great great frens i could hav!*

*thanks for everything*

*thanks for being there while i need u guys*

*thanks for giving all the helps i need without asking for any rewards!*

*thanks for just being my FRIEND!*

Monday, January 5, 2009

Some recent happening!

'Someone' complain that I did not update my blog. Haha.

It's just that I feel soo no mood to write. Everyday is just the same worries.
Model model and model

Anyway, here's something exciting.

New hair colour!

San and Me taking our 1st pix after colouring. Haha!

Me and Ling after she's done straightening her hair!
(Who's behind us? o_O ||)

Good Sound Spring Concert!

My 1st GuZheng concert. Complete with Chinese Costume, Make Up and Big Big Stage!

Our GuZheng team! Woman in White is our master!

He's from Taiwan. Our GuZheng team mate as well!