Friday, January 30, 2009

21ST Birthday!

my 21st birthday!!!

at FIREMAN bbq restaurant at Jaya 1
1st time there
new surprise..
(doesn't wan to mention.. haha -.-)

the girlsfriends!! haha.. all my beloved frens together!!!

muaks!! thanks for being wif me during this meaningful day!!
means a lot a lot to me! really and truly!

wowee.. fabulous gift!!!

not to forget those great great gift u guys prepared!!

feel 'em hou yi si' coz u guys spend SOOOOO MUCH
and spend u guys sleeping time to buy all those.. truly happy and touch..
never think u guys are willing to spend those 2 precious things
just to make my birthday meaningful!!!

wishes + cake = happiness!!!
ah hum! delicious cake!! yummy and just rite! haha!

*thanks everyone!!!!!!*

*u guys are really the great great great frens i could hav!*

*thanks for everything*

*thanks for being there while i need u guys*

*thanks for giving all the helps i need without asking for any rewards!*

*thanks for just being my FRIEND!*

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