Saturday, November 22, 2008

Help ME!!!

hey frens!! I'm now in my final year of Interior Architecture and Design and I DESPERATELY need you guys comments to help me finish my dissertation of Musical Architecture - An expression of Architecture emotions.

It will just take you about 3 minutes to help me out!! PLZ?????!!!!!!

Alrite! I know you guys all are my frens! haha

therefore Click Here to take survey THANKS!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something funny

just back from piano lesson.. with something that tickle me.. haha

i was needed to visualize, or rather, express out what that piece of music from Chopin is all about.. my teacher wanted to describe a picture or describe a situation that fit that music..

and all i can think about is, peaceful then suddenly become very exciting..


and then she say choose one of the 4 season.. so i just say SPRING

then she say describe the activities..

then me say, erm.. a group of ppl.. doing something secrectly.. then suddenly being found out and being chased (coz the music suddenly become faster and faster)..

then u know what my teacher say?

" mei theng, u really very innocent.."


and she keep laughing..

she : u dun hav any troubles in ur mind hor?
me : uh.. i hav..
she : what?
me : homework..
she : =.=|| beside home work??! like.. love life?
me : nope
she: friendship?
me : nope
she : means everything is good? ntg to 'fan'?
me : yup

and she look at me.. and laugh again...

she : no wonder.. u really very 'tan sun' (lik wat they call ah wong =,=||)
me : "smile sheepishly"

then she proceed to tell me what she think of that piece..

i think of that piece of music as happy and exciting..
she think of it as depressed.. (she chose autumn btw..)

she : do u feel the piece lonely when u hear it?
me : nope

and she laugh again..

so she say.. that's y la.. u r still so protected.. nothing to depressed... that's y u feel the piece cheerful..

ok.. she say.. there's no right or wrong.. it's only what u feel..

i just feel like i am being given a music therapy.. and she is trying to understand my inner world..


so, that's the end of class.. i proceed to go..

she : mei theng.. u really dun hav anyone 'chui' ar?
me : huh? no la..
she : ya meh? cannot be ge wor.. y ar? izzit got but u dun wan oni..
me : =.=|| dun hav la..


so funny.. i keep thinking back and feel so funny...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some Update!

It's been sometime since I update..
It's due to the fact that IE cannot open my blog..
Therefore, no choice, I have to DL Firefox..


Here's some random pictures I want to share!



ok, this is not my pet neither my fav..
it's just something that crawl into my house
everyday with its frens and gang and family........

oooh.. and did I mentioned about my new love?!
I met him around August and had been in love ever since!!

here's something interesting..
(i forgot to open my lense completely.. XD)

next up is
some 'excitement' in my final year!

1st group work... we were told to bring dumpling leave and string..
we wonder and wonder and wonder
wat do we do wif those?
anyway, we'r suppose to create some sort of space according to a picture given..
and this is what the outcome is..
(it's not suppose to be like tat initially... but..
u know, how things normally will turn out.. haha)

here's the actually or should i say, suppose-to-be outcome..
anyway, we kinda enjoy ourselves..
we grew closer.. in groups la.. haha

next up is part of our final project project.. XD

the PJ

A&W my site.. the miniest..

nice lighting? too bad it didn't light up DURING PRESENTATION

transparent building will be the "main actor and actress"
white will be "supporting actor and actress"

we even did the LRT! haha..

cool job..

the final group activities will be this..
using recycle material to create random things..

my group will be producing wall feature with other function..

demostation starts!

after it was unfold, it became



chair & table

wonder if the tester was afraid to spoil our work
or he was afraid that he will fall.. wahahaha

dun laugh.. coz we r promoting the other group work!

see? get wat i mean?

this lil missy is the model for the recycle material fashion show.. haha cute!

*one big happy family! *

Sunday, November 16, 2008



check it out.. interesting items!

It's an on9 boutique that sells fashionable clothes at affordable price.. haha