Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something funny

just back from piano lesson.. with something that tickle me.. haha

i was needed to visualize, or rather, express out what that piece of music from Chopin is all about.. my teacher wanted to describe a picture or describe a situation that fit that music..

and all i can think about is, peaceful then suddenly become very exciting..


and then she say choose one of the 4 season.. so i just say SPRING

then she say describe the activities..

then me say, erm.. a group of ppl.. doing something secrectly.. then suddenly being found out and being chased (coz the music suddenly become faster and faster)..

then u know what my teacher say?

" mei theng, u really very innocent.."


and she keep laughing..

she : u dun hav any troubles in ur mind hor?
me : uh.. i hav..
she : what?
me : homework..
she : =.=|| beside home work??! like.. love life?
me : nope
she: friendship?
me : nope
she : means everything is good? ntg to 'fan'?
me : yup

and she look at me.. and laugh again...

she : no wonder.. u really very 'tan sun' (lik wat they call ah wong =,=||)
me : "smile sheepishly"

then she proceed to tell me what she think of that piece..

i think of that piece of music as happy and exciting..
she think of it as depressed.. (she chose autumn btw..)

she : do u feel the piece lonely when u hear it?
me : nope

and she laugh again..

so she say.. that's y la.. u r still so protected.. nothing to depressed... that's y u feel the piece cheerful..

ok.. she say.. there's no right or wrong.. it's only what u feel..

i just feel like i am being given a music therapy.. and she is trying to understand my inner world..


so, that's the end of class.. i proceed to go..

she : mei theng.. u really dun hav anyone 'chui' ar?
me : huh? no la..
she : ya meh? cannot be ge wor.. y ar? izzit got but u dun wan oni..
me : =.=|| dun hav la..


so funny.. i keep thinking back and feel so funny...

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