Monday, July 18, 2011

18th July 2011

Monday 18th July '11

It's the FINAL PRESENTATION finally.

I experienced the mixture of sad and happy emotions. You'll know why. XD

However, when I woke in the morning, I experienced a terrible stomachache and also feel like vomiting.. T_T (I suspect is food poisoning...) I almost want to call and tell my classmate that I'm not coming. I think to myself, if it's not the FINAL FINAL FINAL, I would not drag myself out of my room. I keep my finger cross that I would not faint on the road.

Feeling very weak, I walked to Uni. Reach there, load my presentation on the screen and sit and wait. Feeling still very bad. And I realised the little notes I made last night was forgotten on my desk. T^T

Anyway, the presentation runs smoothly. I gather all my courage and start my presentation. (After all, I know it wouldn't affect my marks.. XD)

Since it's the last presentation, I took photos of everyone presenting.








After presenting, all of us is like.. wow.. it's done. It's finished. ^_^

And then, it is photo time. We never took a group photo together so it is the perfect time.

MA Product Futures 2010/2011

With our supervisors Alan and Les

Not to forget some of the great, friendly and helpful technician down in the workshop.



There's still more people to catch for photo session but we'll leave it first. XD

Now, the only thing left is on next Monday 10am when we will meet the External examiner.

Next Wednesday meeting Alan and Les at Orange Tree for a little drink and bid our goodbyes. It's kinda.. emotional moment.. XD

I will make sure I grab lots of photos for memories on that day.


On another note, Tuesdays night we will be gathered at Peng's house for some pizza and drinks. (Not that I drink.. XD)

Next week, day not decided, it will be at Isak's house for the long awaited BBQ! I'm really looking forward to that. XD


And now, it is time to think of holidays. I'm looking at places to go in Barcelona.

And then, MEETING SIAWCHENG! OMygawDDDD! And we will both fly.. I mean, sit to Europe! Paris, Italy, Austria and Prague! Wait for me!!!!

Then, back to Nottingham in Sept, I'm thinking of joining a 4 days trip to Scotland by myself. If I still have some money left. XD I always wanted to go Scotland...... Scotland!!!!!

Next, back to Malaysia. Food.. Oh, and my piano... my beloved piano. I miss you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! It has been... more than 6 months...!!! I need you darling!

Then, gathering with all my darling friends... You guys are not forgetting me are you??!!! Spare sometime to meet me!

Next, planning places to go in Singapore mid of Oct. ^_^

Then, cousin wedding in Nov.

Back to UK with dad and mom end of Nov.

Oh, and planning the trip to Taiwan soon. ^_^

Many things to do ya..

What about looking for a job and finding money?

I'm pretending I'm a millionaire for the time being. ^_^


Jennifer said...

Wow.. a lot of plan is coming up wor... sure not forget u laaa.. faster back la!!missing u le^^

Cassie the Missy said...

very fast le..time pass very fast..without realising, i will be yum-cha-ing with you..XD

Jennifer said...

waiting lo~~~