Thursday, July 14, 2011

14th July 2011


MA EXPO 2011 begans!

There's just too many photos to choose to upload and I'm so tired to do that now hence I will leave it till I'm well fed and rested.

For now, I'm going to talk about what happened today.

Today is the private view for industry invites and friends and family. Very exciting at first.

Began the day by choosing which clothes to wear since they mention - SMART as the dress code, which I take it as, 'dress up please'.

Ask opinions from various friends regarding whether to wear WHITE or BLACK dress....... I'm going crazy over these two dresses. Since I'm very free since this morning, I have all the time to choose. ^_^

Finally decided on the black dress since it was highly voted by few of them.

The night before, tried curling my hair with socks, YES, SOCKS. That naughty SC keep laughing at me. :P

Highly influence by that Xian and Fiola.. So I tried it as well. This morning when I take the socks off my hair, it became like a .. spring.. And I can't stop laughing! XDDDDDD

Anyway, from everyone comments, it seems my hair looks not bad.. 1st time tried this and it works. ^_^

Reach Bonington around 1pm+ and start to take lots of photos. Since there's not much people around, taking photos is fun. ^_^

Get our Expo catalogue from the office and browse through them. Not bad. XD

Did some final touch to the display and, stand back and wait. ^^

It is suppose to start at 4pm but there's not much of them. After an hour though, more people arrive. However, it seems my area are a bit.. lonely.. XDDD

Anyway, towards the end, I got some quite interesting feedbacks from the visitors. And that's all I want. ^_^

Oh, and some of my photos that I took during the Giving the Eye project was shown at a big tv screen as well. I'm a proud photographer. ^_^

It's so tiring to stand around since about 1pm till just now 8pm. And keep smilling at the strangers..make my cheek ache. XD

Fiola says it's like our wedding... where we keep taking photos and smilling at everyone.. XDDDDD

Nani is a little drunk because she keeps drinking the red wine.. LoL.. Xian is a little pening as well..XD

Maybe some photos for now.

Our group photo of the day 

My display! ^_^

My photos at the big screen.. ^_^

MA Expo 2011

Jin and me! 


Me at 8pm

Have to rest. 

See you guys soon.


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