Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13th July 2011

Wednesday, 13th July '11

Very fast. It's the eve of MA Expo 2011 already. Without realising, it's already nearing the end. The big day of everything we've been doing for the year is getting here.. less than 24 hours by the time I'm writing this. 

The opening of MA Expo 2011 is at tomorrow, 14th July 2011 4pm. 

Today I did not go back Uni early as I print some photos at home. Last minute, thought of doing a little photo book for my H-Box. Took some studio photos yesterday so just print them out on some photo papers. After doing that, went to Bonington to dump my stuff at my corner and dash to the Print Shop to bind them.

This is the outcome

Also did some little jewellery at home as well. Laser cut them previously and now decided to put them together inside my boxes. ^_^ 

Some of the little things.. 

Can wear them after the Expo! 

Arrange my stuff on my plinth and start to get confuse as I'm not sure how should I put them.. T_T

1st try 

Name cards 


Oh, and then Xian found Peng's specs that's limited edition. She say it is very nice so all of us try it out.. XD




In the evening, Issac finally completed his cupboard-cum-table and it was brought to the studio finally. We all waited for it to arrive..xD

Finally ~ 

He have almost all the workshop technicians to transport his cupboard to the studio.. (While all of us have to bring them over ourselves.. including the damn heavy plinths... T_T) 

With Carl 

Carl, Phil, Elitzza, Alan, Me, Nani 

Alan n Me 

So, back home, I'm wondering what I'm wearing tomorrow evening. It's gonna be a hard decision to make. Why can't we all have some kind of t-shirt like our Sequence, then I wouldn't need to think so much.. XDDD


Tomorrow is the Big Day.

Can't believe we've actually come so far.

Think about the beginning.

It seems only yesterday when it happened.

Gonna have lots of photos.

See you!

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