Wednesday, July 6, 2011

6th July 2011

Wednesday, 6th July '11

Today is a weird kind of day.. haha..

As usual, began the day in the workshop. Check my plinth is alright and fix my logo. Then, help Xian with her plinth.

The logo that I finish last night

Last week, our tutor had make the appointment to meet us in the workshop at 10am. However, it's half past 10 and still no sign of him. In the end, we walked to Bonington ourselves and take a look at our allocated spaces for the Expo.

Our plinths are all ready to go! 

The MA Studio where we will be exhibiting

My side is at the far end there, next to the lift 

Found our space and take a good look around. The digital display we got which will be hang on the panel is a bit.. not pretty.. XD

Anyway, we walked back to the workshop and continue to finish some stuff.

I wanted to add something to my plinth as I realised I have no place to put my A3 journals. Therefore, I began cutting some boards and think of where to stick them. Finally decided to just use a small piece and put it at the end. Forgot to take photo of that. Will show later.

This small piece

And then, weird thing began.

I realised I have nothing to do. But everyone seems to be so busy.

I helped Isak with his plinth.
I helped Elitzza with her plinth.
I helped Xian painting her plinth.

It seem weird to be able to help other people while me myself have nothing to do. It make me wonder if I'm forgetting something... hahahaha..

But it is nice to realise that I am ABLE to help them.  I now can answer their questions, when they ask me:

1. How to fix the uneven leg of the plinth? - I know how to use the drill and screw them now. (Thanks to Xian.. XD)

2. How to make a little rack to put my cd and stuff? - I know how to cut the large piece of wood nicely now with the big machine that terrify me previously.

3. How to fill the holes on the plinth made my screwing and drilling? - Use the body filler

It's nice to realise that I've done all that and now I know how to do them. It may not be perfect but now I knew. ^^

In the afternoon, we move Fiola and my plinths to Bonington. It's not near..... And it's not light...

See? This is not an easy task

All the way we go and ppl is staring at us.. XD

Damn heavy that plinth and we need to use ALL our strength to transport them. Each time we can only take 1. Haha..

My space

Finally we are done. The plinth is at the MA Studio and all we have to do now is to print the poster and set up the space. Which will be done in the next few days.

Use up many strength today. Leg is very tired.

Need some rest but tomorrow we need to submit the dissertation and journals. I need to 'clean' them so they are presentable.. hahaha..

And then, to edit the size of the poster as my space suddenly feel small. t_t

Tired... That's all for today.

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