Friday, July 8, 2011

8th July 2011

Friday 8th July '11

It's Friday already.

There's nothing much to do today. Therefore, back to Uni around 9am+.. It's been sometime since we reach Uni that late.. haha

Back to workshop first to find G for some laser cutting. Not very smooth as the machine did not really recognise some of my words so G very patiently redraw my wordings... Thanks a lot! ^^

Then spray the foam board with spray mount and stick my poster to it. Done!

Then, off to Bonington MA Studio to set up our spaces. Spent the whole morning and afternoon there.

Very messy place..

Bring my posters and models over to set up and see the space, decide how to display my little things. Raining the whole morning. Wet! Have to protect my posters so wrap them up with layers of plastic. XD

Trying to make sure the poster is straight

Sticking them

Putting some glue onto the board to stick to the panel


Very fast, it's done. Now I can forget something.. haha.. But at the same time, I'm a bit worry about it as, if there's anything wrong, many things to undo...XDDDD

After that, it's time to help my friends.. haha

Helped Jin with her display.

Jin's Display

I put the glue, she glue it on. Very pretty little items.. Love her products. Lucy even say that she wanted to buy the casing from her after the Expo..Wow.. I'm impressed. Haha

After that, it is time for some fools..

Jin, Fiola, Me, Elitzza

My head

Tonight we have steamboat for a little small celebration of handing in our dissertation. Haha.. Very relax as we can sit and chat after eating, something we haven't done for sometime.

Fiola & Xian - Waiting for the soup to boil 

Me, Pork Liver & Fiola 

The foods! 

And tonight, I have new flatmate. It's a guy from our MA. No more private kitchen already..XDDD

Therefore, now instead of listening to English, I'm listening to Chinese. Nice.

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