Thursday, July 7, 2011

7th July 2011

Thursday 7th July '11

It's fate.

Everytime I'm rushing for something, things will go wrong. Last Sunday when I'm rushing to finish my animation and etc, my laptop decided to go on strike. Each button I click it takes 10minutes to work it out. I've restarted it almost 6 times.

Yesterday night, when I want to burn the animation files into the CD for submission today, my laptop decided that it doesn't want to help me and went on strike again. This time, he decided not to open the cover for me to insert the CD. I can't even try to burn it! Geram betul!

Therfore, this morning, aroun 8.10am, walk to Uni already, since I am a little worried about the CD.. T_T

Luckily everything seems smooth. Burnt them smoothly.

Then, continue to work on my poster. And very fast, decided to print it.

It's done! All I have to do now is to wait for Jin to bring me her spray mount so I can mount it onto the foam board. Hope it's not hard.

After that, wait for all my classmate and we go submit out dissertation and journals to our supervisor. Done that. Yes!

Then, back to workshop again as usual. Nothing much to do though. Work on producing some minor display such as my prototype progress.. haha.. Instead of arranging my poster in Illustrator, I'm arranging them on a piece of wood.. Hard to decide which look better. In the end, just settle is simply.. afterall, it's not that important.

Have fun doing this though since it is not of anything important.. XD

Then it is about lunch time so I went up to CCT2 to do some drawings for laser cut. Need some wording for the board above. The room is freezing.. Aircondition too much!

Back to the workshop and help Nani and Jin to move their plinth to Bonington. Again... XDDDD

Spent some time at Bonington trying to figure out whether I have enough space or not for my posters..

Then, decided to leave early today to get back to the VH office. These two weeks often left home before the office open and back after they close. No time to check mail and ask questions.. haha.. Besides, today nothing much to do. Rest early.. haha

Walk to much these few days, my leg muscle is hurting me everytime I walk. Hope it's ok soon... >_<"

The workshop is practically empty besides us nowadays since the other technicians went to London. And no other students is there. 

Empty Empty 

Our world

Therefore, listen to some music.. haha.. But the workshop is too noisy. Can't listen well.

Anyway, today not much interesting happened..

Oh, Fiola's model is finally done. I see her do it from the beginning... Seeing it finish is so gam dung..

Super duper pretty! 

Very the detail, very the neat

Very geng! She's really very patient and well plan person.

(I tried to help me at some time but in the end, I'm like making more mistake and giving her more trouble than not helping.. T_T.. so sorry.. )

Now, since the dissertation was submitted. All we have to focus is on the Expo. ^_^

In a week time!

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