Friday, July 15, 2011

15th July 2011

Friday 15th July 2011

It's nearing the end of the week again. Today the Expo is open to the public. Went there around 11am because Xian wanted to see why her prototype aren't working and later on lunch with their classmates.

Went to Post Office before though. Xian reach Bonington 1st.

Before I step into the building, Xian already called me to tell me my poster had fell. Again. This time, I try to use the glue gun to stick it. Again. Before I have the chance to stick the felled poster back up again, the other follow suit. =.=" Both want the same treatment. So, I gave them both a great dosage and put them to bed up to the panel again.

Hope they stay they from now onwards till the end of the Expo and after the External examiner evaluate them.

Meet Ran, a new friend I found during the Open day when I worked as Student Ambassador. She is going to start her MA this Sept and now she's taking the English course. So, she came to the Expo this morning with all her classmates. Bring her around and chat with her a while. She's from Taiwan.

After that, lunch at Orange Tree. Chat a while with Xian and Fiola's classmates and help them take some photos.

Back home. Skype and sort out all my photos. Found out I have almost 500+ photos from the two days. XD

Lot's of photos coming up soon.

Next, I have to prepare the presentation powerpoint, present and done.

No more daily report.. XD

Only photos!


ps. Suddenly I feel that preparing for the Expo is much more fun than having the Expo. After all, there's nothing much to do during the Expo. It's so free now that I feel... kinda weird. Hmm...

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