Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5th July 2011

Tuesday, 5th July '11

This morning when we'r walking back to Uni, Fiola reminded me of some fact. Just about 3 weeks left and she will be going back to HongKong. 3 weeks.. Never realise it is so fast.

The 1st week of July is nearly finish.

Reach Uni early. Very early. 8.30am.

Go straight into the 271 room and start to print our dissertation. I started to print colours 1st as Fiola is printing B&W. (Both have different printer as price vary.) 5p for A4 b&w and 30p for A4 colour.

The printing experience is very terrible.

1. My account have about £20 and I thought it is enough.
2. Never try to count how many pages I have to print, how many b&w and how many colour.
3. I need to print 2 copies of the dissertation.
4. Halfway through, £20 finish.
5. Walk to library to reload my account with £10 as I thought it will be enough.
6. Not even 15mins have pass when I walk again to the library to reload another £10.
7. Continue to print. After 15mins, walk again to the library for another £10.
8. In the end, printing a 300 pages dissertation takes about 2 hours+.

The final outcome

Go to the Print Shop around 3pm to bind them up. Once they are bind, I can forget about them as I can't make anymore changes. So I would stop thinking about it! >_<""

Continue my life in the workshop. The plinth I left yesterday is looking really fine today. And then we realise that after the paint was thoroughly dry, the marks aren't showing up. ^_^

The acrylic rods are here. Holes can be drill. Logo can be make!

The rod is to be attached to the alphabets! 

Drill holes on the small plinth

Very carefully trying to fit the logo onto the plinth


I was so happy when it's done that I jump and laugh. My classmate who is infront of me working, turn to look at me and laugh at me. He seems to feel so funny at my expression.

Haha.. Well, I'm really excited of these small things. More excited than my final product. Haha... I feel I'm much more relax doing these unimportant things. I guess it's no stress as it is not the main focus point. During the process of finishing my product, I keep on thinking of what other people will think of it, how it doesn't fit together perfectly, how un-high-tech-type of product I'm making and does it really represent what I'm trying to do?

All these questions really stress me up. But finishing the plinth, making the logo, and others, is nothing-to-stress-about-thing therefore I'm really happy and relax at making them. Haha.. Maybe I'm not suited to work as a designer.

I just found some negative points of myself:

1. No planning at all. Everytime something is in-the-process only I realise the mistake I've done, when it's too late to do anything. (which is why I have to laser cut things again and again. G is going to kill me.. XD)

2. Did not have a good sense of aesthetic. Most often, I will realise some problem with my work but I cannot identify them. It's only when people point it out to me that I realised that. Why can't I point it out myself before others?

Anyway, before the going back, Xian's plinth was still not done. K has gone to London for the new designer exhibition and he did not have enough time to work on her plinth. Therefore, he has pass it to G who pass it to  P and C. Either one.. don't really remember. But none of them did. C is super duper busy with spraying and dunno-what-else and P is busy with I-really-dunno-what-he-is-doing-thing.

Therefore, we decided to build the plinth ourselves. C had already cut the wood required and the only thing to do is to assembly them. Me, Fiola and Xian decided to do it ourselves. And it turned out to be quite fun. Afterall, it's not really hard work with 3 of us doing at the same time.. XD

I'm always amazed with K as he alone did ALL the plinths... While 3 of us kelam-kabut with just 1 plinth.. XDDDD

See me with the drill again! ^^

Screwing them in

Tomorrow we will have to be at Bonington to take a look at our Expo space. And I hope, to answer some of our queries.

Tonight, I will continue to work on the posters and hope it will be ready for printing tomorrow. Will try to burn the animation into the cd tonight, or maybe tomorrow.

Today is another tired day. Walk too much. About 4 times, from Maudslay to library..to and fro... So clever.



siawcheng@joanne ♥ said...

drills..... OOOOOOO~~ FUNNNNN!!! It looks awesomeee!!! =D JIA YOU JIA YOU! Even when I don't und those terms, I can't wait to see ur expo and the final of everything~~ xD

Cassie the Missy said...

haha... those terms is craps.. XDDD..