Friday, July 1, 2011

1st July 2011

Friday 1st July '11

It is a brand new month. Brand new start.

Left 2 weeks till the expo.

So soon.

It's all clean now

Although it is not as shiny as it originally is, but it will do. At least they are now clean and bright. ^^

Polish them hard this morning and that's all I've done today.

Polish my little boxes 

My work area today

Nothing much to do in the workshop so went up to the computer to do some rendering for my poster.

Check my email and notice that all our expenses for the MA Expo will be borne by NTU. Printing expenses, decor and etc. All.

Make me think of my degree show in KBU where I have to pay for everything.. haha.. So happy.

Now, the schedule is very very tight.

4th July '11 - Monday

9am- Go to the Print Shop to give them my dissertation cover so that they can start making it. Get to CCT2 to put the computer on to render
9.30am - Go to the workshop to paint the plinth.
12.30pm - Lunch time and since I will not be having lunch, will go to 271 to print my dissertation.
1.30pm - Go to the Print Shop and pass them the printed dissertation to bind.
1.45pm - Back to the workshop to see M for some metal rod thingy for my logo.

6th July '11 - Wednesday

9am - Get down to the workshop and wait for our supervisor
10am - Meet A and go to Bonington to 'mark-our-territory' as A said.

7th July '11 - Thursday

9am - Get ready all stuff such as dissertation, journals and sketch book to hand in to A.

And I guess, get ready stuff for the Expo.

Therefore, this weekend, I will have to :

1. Clean up the dissertation so that it is ready to print on Monday
2. Design the poster so that I can print next week
3. Finish up the animation so that I can give it to the Expo technician on Wednesday
4. Check on my models so that they are alright for Expo
5. Design the way my logo is going to sit on the plinth
6. Get ready the journals so that it is ready for submission on Thursday

And the other stuff that I will have to do :

1. Check the Eurostar ticket and buy it this weekend
2. Decide on our transportation for the Euro-tour

It is getting to the end but all the stuff doesn't seem to be completed yet. Why is every ending seem the same? All that's different now is that I get to sleep at night. While during my final year, I don't get to sleep at all. But, I don't seem to work so hard in the day like now. Since I realised that I will be working more if I'm in Uni rather than in my room. At least, with people around me, I know I have to work. Being alone doesn't give me any pressure but with my friends, it does. Especially when everyone is working hard and nearly finish their stuff. Told myself to bear with this 2 weeks. As long as it is after th 7th July, things will be better. At least, then, the only thing to concentrate will be the Expo.

Another thing. The Expo is opening on the 14th July '11 for private view and for friends and family. We all got 8 invitation card to give out and I'm kind of sad since I would not have any use for them.

Anyone wanna have this? 

PS. Today is the latest time to leave Uni - 7.30pm - but I have not done much things today. 

This weekend is going to be a busy one. 

Wish me luck.

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