Monday, July 11, 2011

11th July 2011

Monday, 11th July '11

Today is the beginning of a new week!

Brought back all my books to the library. A relief. Now my room looks bigger.. XD

Today weather is nice. Warm and sunny. See the blue skies and white clouds?

Nice weather

Empty Streets

Nothing much to do today. Left Uni around 11am and go to settle my holidays. Walk in to STA to ask about the hotels and had a headache time trying to decide which to book... XD

Walk back home after that to ask dear SC whether she agree with the hotels or not.

After she agreed, I walked out again to STA to confirm my bookings and pay them.

Received a call earlier this morning regarding my bank account and therefore, once I reach my room, I called them straight away. In the end, they wanted me to go to the nearest branch to verify myself. =.="

Walked out again to the bank at Old Market Square.

Forgot my passport and therefore couldn't do anything. Walk home again.

Altogether, I've walked for 3 times to and fro.... The 3rd time walking home, I nearly sprained my leg. T_T

Back home finally, I settle down and start to print my name cards.

Name cards

Print them and cut them hot off the printer. They are looking pretty smart on my messy table now. xD

That's all for today. Did nothing much except walking here and there.

Oh, and spending money. Booking the hotels are expansive! T_T

See you tomorrow!

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