Thursday, July 28, 2011

Saying "Goodbyes" and Promising "See You"

Finally it really really really reached the end of my postgraduate course. Got our result and feedback. Final tutorial at our room Maudslay 231b. Pack up stuff at the Expo. Saying goodbyes all around. Taking photos with people I will miss.

1st complete group photo

With the most helpful technician at workshop - Kerry 

With another helpful technician - Mark 

With my supervisor, a great one and a friendly one - Leslie 

With another supervisor, another great and helpful one - Alan 

Gathered for the final time at Orange Tree @ 27th July 2011

Shakes hands, best wishes, thank you, good luck

and that's all done.


Packing and packing and packing and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.....

Going Barcelona Friday morning, 2am +, back on the 3rd.
Need to move to new house on the 3rd, going down London on the 4th

Terribly hectic. 

Wake at 6.30am this morning. 7.15am start to pindah all 7 boxes of 20+kg down to the gate for collection. Then spend the rest of the day packing the left over stuff, cleaning my room, packing for Spain..

Super tired now.


I think I will miss my room. 

I think I will miss my lecturers.

I think I will miss here. 





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