Sunday, May 22, 2011

Artistic Trip to Paris

Boujour mes amis!

It had been nearly a month since I've been to Paris. Time really does flies. I guess it's time I update this blog..XD

The experience I've had in Paris is really indescribable. Personally, I don't find any romantic in Paris city but there is really many many things to see. I enjoy being in a foreign city, to experience something different, to see how other people live. Language is a barrier in Paris. Me having French lesson for half year, do not dare to speak to them in French since I'm not very fluent. I did say once though, which is "Un carnet, SVP" while buying tickets for Metro. ^^

Too bad we are only there for 3 days so there's not enough time to see everything. I'm not at all satisfied. There's too many regrets in this trip. I'll make sure the next time I'm there, I get to see what I haven't.

Nevertheless, there's still some interesting points to note in this trip. Let's began!

Eurostar Train

Nothing to shout about. No sea, no water to see...XD Did not even realised we reach France until we saw the time difference and the roaming in our mobile phones. 

Our little retreat

This is our little hostel room. Not very luxury as we opt for the budget type. However it is not bad in terms of cleanliness. The view is just normal though. Oh, can see the tip of Eiffel Tower from the window. Mind you, just the tip. Haha

The Metro 

The Metro is what bring us around Paris. Most of the trains are old and the doors are clumsy. We need to open them manually. And the sound when they open - "BRANNG!!"  really scares me at first. =.=""

Eiffel Tower

The 1st night when we arrive, we walked to the Eiffel Tower. Glamorous as everyone says. I'm so engrossed in taking pretty photo of the tower. I really wanted to go up to the tower, to see the pretty view of Paris. However, the queue is too long. The next time I'm there, I will go up! Wait for me!


This is the kind of breakfast that we have for 3 mornings. The long long bread is damn hard. Very very hard. The croissant is much better though. But you all know I'm not a fan of bread. >_<

The Garden and Palace

Next day, we went to the Palace of Versailles. Very gold and shinny gates and fences. The palace is very very big and glamorous. The interior is just too fancy for my taste. After about 3-4 rooms of all gold and shinny.. it just gets too blend for me. Haha.. I think the most interesting is only the Hall of Mirror which was so famous. XD

Hall of Mirror

Decor on Door

This is one of the gold decor on the side of the door. 
Lomo me!


It is very sunny on that day. The sun is strong and it is a hot day. We are looking for shade and complaining about the hot sun. When we look sideways, these European are lying relaxing on the grass, reading and enjoying the 'warm' sun. XD

Arc de Triomphe
After Versailles, we are back in Paris and look for Champs Elysees. This is the famous Arc de Triomphe. Did not walk near the arc though. There's a small museum there actually, about Napoleon victory, I think. Will go in the next time!

Oh, Rambutan

There's a station named Rambuteau. The first sight, I thought it is Rambutan. Haha.. This is the place I wanted to visit but no chance. Very regret!

Notre Dame

Notre Dame is another interesting place. Entrance is free but to go to the top we need to queue and pay. No chance of that. The next time maybe. Many people. Many people.

Pretty statues on the building

The exterior of Notre Dame is very magnificent. Beautifully crafted. The interior is much more fabulous. Holy cathedral. 


Nice environment 

Lock of Lovers

The usual legend of a couple locking their love together. I wonder how many pairs are still loving after they click on the lock. I may sound very bad.. However, imagine if this really does work, and both couple couldn't ever leave each other after they click on the lock, but they found each other is not the one they want to live with forever but now they couldn't separate. What to do? XD

Ok..stop that craps..


We take the Batobus to cruise down the Seine River to some of the major attractions. Very cold...

Me with my 1st glass of red wine

The red wine taste really really bad! A little taste of medicine. Yuck..who say red wine is sweet?!! 

The Louvre

I love the Louvre!

The Louvre is a splendid place. Many artistic things inside and the buildings are so pretty.


The galleries are closed when we reach in the evening so we just walked around taking photos and fooling around..haha..


The Louvre is empty and now is the time to take as many photos as we want! The staircase is the most interesting of the whole place!

Michelangelo's Dying Slave

Not enough time to see everything but was able to see the most important ones only. 

Seems like there's still so many things I did not manage to do in Paris..Haha... SiawCheng! Let's go!

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3 days also not enuff then i go there got enuff time meh!!! one week for 2-3 cities~~~~ CROISSANT IS NICEE~ XD