Monday, May 30, 2011

What do you think?

Suddenly there's a thought that flows into my mind and I feel I need to write it down. There's so many views flying around that Malaysian not being united enough. It's just a sudden thought that makes me think whether is it related to our childhood experience and schooling days. There are few of my friends or people I know who doesn't really think much of being 'united' with the others and very coincidentally, all of them are from Chinese school since their primary days. This make me wonders whether their schooling days had already influenced them so heavily that they could not accept the others. I am not from a Chinese school background so I had no idea what they learned but I know the main thing they learn, everything related to Chinese. Chinese language was use so much, China history was learned, Chinese literature learned and etc. What the hell do they need to learn China history when they are Malaysian? What about Malaysia history?!

(The 1st day I have a history class in the secondary days, I learned the reason of studying history. Or rather, Sejarah. To know the history of our country is to instil the love and respect for our country. So, learning the history of China is doing what? To love China? What about Malaysia?)

What I'm thinking is, childhood experience is very important in shaping the adulthood. If from a kid, they do not mix with others beside the chinese, will it resulted in them not understanding the other much? Sometime I really wonder. Me having a background from the SK and SMK really allows me to explore the true Malaysian. When in school, we all play together, we study together. We learned about Malaysia. We use the Malay language. However, in the other type of school, do they do that as well?

I'm just expressing my sudden thought in the morning. Just that coincidentally, people I know who had a chinese education background think similar thoughts. So it just pop into my mind that the culprit is the education.

What do you think?

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