Monday, April 25, 2011

Paris! Here I Come!

Dear Paris,

In 12 hours time, I will be departing from Nottingham to London to Paris! I will be spending 3 days in Paris, looking at the Eiffel Tower, Champ Elysée, Notre Dame, The Louvre and maybe Chateau de Versailles. Really hope 3 days is enough to cover these famous attractions!!!

As you know, I had been trying to learn French for about 5 months + already. However, I don't think I can converse with any French people there.. Haha.. 

So, dear Paris, please co-operate with me and make this trip a memorable one. Paris is one of my dream city. I am now so excited to visit you. There's so much to expect of you. 



Dear Readers,

I will be going to Paris tomorrow and will be back on Friday. I am prepared to take a lot, many, thousand of photos! I really my memory cardS are enough for these 3 days! XD

I will be back with a lot of stories to share. I am so excited now. All I can write is EXCITED! 

This is the 1st time after I came to the UK, going to another country. And it is PARIS! My dream place. I've always wanted to visit this city. Finally, I finally got my wish and am going there in about 12 hours time! Oooh..I'm so excited AGAIN!  ^_^

So dear readers, enjoy your holidays (if you have it). I hope I get to online while I'm at Paris, then I can update my status! 

See you everyone is a week time!


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