Monday, April 11, 2011

A trip to Legoland

The last two weeks is a little of a 'waiting' torture. We have a two weeks off from various class because it is assessment weeks and therefore, right after Monday presentation, we have nothing. However, we are booked into workshop to enable us to work on our projects. So, I grabbed the opportunity to go into the workshop to seek help for completing my rough model. Before that, I've been into the workshop few times but it was terrible experience. The technician is helpful, no doubt, and friendly. However, they are TOO VERY THE BUSY! I've been kept waiting the whole morning just to complete a small mould which will only take about 30 minutes. The technician are all busy with the undergraduates deadlines. So, since these two weeks the undergraduates are having their term break, I was hoping I could complete my model quickly. However, luck was not with me. There are a few times when I couldn't find anyone to help me. The workshop is empty. Empty of students, empty of technician as well. Go figure. Two whole weeks to complete this.

My sketch model



Enough of my project. 

Now, LegoLand!

Went to Legoland at Windsor on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. We don't get on a lot of rides since we don't have much time and most of it is for kiddies but everything is very pretty and fun! Lego is everywhere. 

Wake up at 5.45am. Meet everyone at 6.30am. Reach train station at 7am. Our train departs at 7.28am.

From Nottingham to London St Pancras International to Windsor & Eton Riverside

However, due to some mishaps, we travel to London St Pancras to Paddington to Slough only to Windsor  =.="

Finally reach Windsor at around 11pm. This is the Windsor Castle behind us. 

Was at Buckingham Palace last Christmas but did not get to see changing guards. However, we saw the return of these guards while waiting for the bus to Legoland. ^_^ 

Can see them so much clearer here

Finally, we are here. 

Was so excited to see everything Lego. Everything is colourful, bright, fun, happy.....

The famous Lego man!

So excited to see them everywhere. 



A small Lego farm

Everything Lego. But the shape was built so in detail. Love it so much.

We played this and get wet. Quite wet. Luckily it is sunny and therefore not cold. Haha.. It's fun though but a little longer, I will be dizzy already.

Me and the amour guy

Everywhere in this theme park is Lego people, Lego building, Lego items.. Nice

Spring is really here. Look at the beautiful flowers

The Egypt-thingy.. hehe 

Amazing lego real

Sahara desert?

Digger Challenge

Another kiddies play.. But I love their Lego man .. See how they stand on top of each other? So cute? kakakakaka

Lego City

Very beautiful view here

It has been some time since I've seen something so pretty and colourful. Thanks to the blue sky.


Mr Policeman

Kiddy play water.. 

Don't they feel cold? Haha..

Miniland - Italy

Very very very detail


Very realistic



All windmills

Suddenly wish to go Holland.. see more of these Holland windmills...



Although I 'still' haven't been there 'yet'.. but these lego stonehenge look really Real.. hahaha

Changing of guards at Buckingham Palace.. They move around with music!

Very pretty no matter from which direction.. haha

London famous red bus.. hehe

London Underground Station...

The train move..and there is announcement as well..haha.. all lego!

London cityscapes! 

Big Ben at my head..

Our group photo of the day

Very exciting days ya!


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