Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Walk in the park - The Aboretum

Was walking around Uni area trying to take some nice photos. Without realising, there's this so beautiful park just behind one of the many Uni buildings. About 3 minutes walk from the main building. So near and yet I've never notice. I have read about this park in some brochure but never know that it is just round the corner. XD

This park is really awesome.
Especially since now spring is here with the sun shining bright and warm, the flowers and trees are growing splendidly. I'm really very enthusiastic with all the different types of flowers found around Nottingham. It is so pretty and bright coloured that I just had to snap and snap and snap. Some of them I've never seen before. 

A collection of my favourites

It really makes the whole place a paradise

The Arboretum entrance

While I walk through the entrance, the first sight that greeted me is the pink trees. I thought of Sakura instantly. XD

Pink against green is the best. Remember the colour wheel? Red and Green? XD

Meet this little doggy with his owner. Very active little fellow and keep running around. But he is so friendly. Cute little guy.

Found a tree with this pretty craving on it

One part of the park with all the colourful flowers

I notice my shoes add to the colours...XD

Well, it has become our must-do-action everytime we are at a park..haha
We jumped so identical though.. haha

Ducks.. Walked out from the pond.. Funny creatures

The pond in the park. Many ducks there.. One pair were fighting and creating some commotions.. Flapping their wings roughly and quacking loudly.. XD 

The romantic lane

Love this very much! 

Another entrance of the park

Parks in the UK are really splendid. It was well designed and planned. Everyone loves to spend their day in the park I noticed. Just yesterday, when I'm walking there to take some photos, the whole park is full of people lazing and sun bathing on the grass. Full of people. 

While me?

I am grumbling about the hot sun shinning on me..


ps. I still don't like the sun shinning HOT on me.. 

pss. But I do enjoy the bright sunshine. Not too hot please.. XD 


chu xian said...

lovely ~~~
I also hate the hot sun, prefer the weather a month ago hahah.

Cassie the Missy said...

haha..difficult to be satisfied.. I want the bright sun but I don't like so much heat.. XD