Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Month of Puasa & Month of Hungry Ghost

Another year have pass since the month of fasting. Now it is another brand new fasting month. Starting 11th August, 2010, we can now see many stalls selling all kinds of foods during the evening hours. I love to buy food from there as it is delicious, and not eaten often. ^.^

I always feel that it is very hard for Muslim who fast. Not eating for hours should be alright but not drinking? That should be quite hard, for me. Especially those working under the damm hot sun and sweating profusely. How can they quench their thirst? I don't understand and doesn't want to try. haha..

However, out of respect to my fellows Muslim colleague, I have refrain from drinking in the office.. so often. Haha.. It's just 10something in the morning and I'm already thirsty. I guess I shouldn't underestimate mind power.  If you think you can, you can. 

Oh.. btw, this is the month of the hungry ghost for Chinese. Adults often says that during this month, try not to go out during the night, especially children. 

Children often said can see 'them' right? How come? And why does they lost this ability when they grows up? And why can animals see 'them'? Is it because they are innocent and pure and their mind are open? So 'these things' are visible to them? Maybe as we grows up, we learn more about 'them' and shut our mind out so we couldn't 'see them' but 'they' are actually just besides? 

OMG! That's a bit scary though.... 

FYI, yours truly would not go inside cinema to watch a ghost story. Neither would I sit at home and watch. I shut my ears and eyes. LoL... Yea.. I'm a scareeedyyyy cat.. but why frightened myself? ^.^

Anyway, like the chinese says, "if we are not guilty, we would not be scared by the knocks on the door during  midnight."

But I will be scare out of my skin. So, does that make me guilty?

On the other hand, who isn't guilty? Who did not ever makes any mistake? That couldn't be. No one is a saint. The thing is, how guilty are you? Telling a lie? Making excuse to skip work/classes/etc? Or poke other people back?

There's so many little things we did daily that isn't right but do we get punished for that? Well, to me, since it isn't a big crime when I make excuse skipping classes, I guess I'm still forgiveable? no? Haha.. But I do believe that it accumulates. So, I try to use my excuse sparingly.. so to not exceed my 'quota'. Haha.. Damm stupid. 

Well, this is just a random rant as I'm now bored to stiff in office. 

PS. my application process if going very slow. I just remember that I had to get a medical check up for the visa. I'm a bit worry. What is the check up isn't so .. good?   T.T