Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tiring but satisfying day

Today is definitely a very tiring day. Started the day at 10am and finish at 7pm. I couldn't feel my legs now.

However, today is great. In the morning, we (Xian and Fiola and Me) went to search for their bricks. It's about 20minutes walk and it perfect. The factory is just next to the river.. I'm guessing it is Trent River..there's no name though..
John A. Stephens

Brick Library 

Pretty reflection right?

Wonder will my D90 make the pix nicer? XD

I'm quite pleased with the quality though.. 

Little Ducky.. 

The river is very pretty..although of course, not as pretty as Cam River in Cambridge. (Oh, and this remind me that I still have not blog about my trip to Cambridge..haha)

After a walk down/up the river, we walked back to the market square. And shop. ^_^

1st stop, H&M and there we each bough a coat. Haha.. Yep. Spring is here but the coats are cheap!!!!!

And then, due to me complaining about fainting (too hungry without breakfast and it is about 1pm), we decided to go for 'brunch'. A pancake/crepe cafe. Very delicate place to eat. My second time here and I'm still finding this place a treasure.




This is the shop

(All very very very very delicious though!!!  ^_^)

A walk around the square after eating as the weather is damn good. Not only there is blue sky and bright warm sunlight, but there is also white clouds. Some combination that don't occur very often here.

Old Market Square with Nottingham Wheels

Take a lot of pictures. Not with my D90 loyal Lumix FX-30. Works very well in bright lit short, outdoor..hahahhaa...(D90 is too heavy to bring along for shopping.. XD )

Nottingham Contemporary

Market Square 

Market Square 3 significant icon

Blue Sky + White Clouds = Rare Combination

Today is such a nice weather! 

After a browse through at Primark, TopShop, M&S and Zara, we decided to call it a day.

Not me though. It is already time for me to head to the meeting of the Giving the Eye at Dance4 studio. Super tired but drag my heels there in time. Not so bright for discussion though as I am feeling tired and sleepy and my legs are not helping at all..XD

Reach home around 7pm + and had a simple TomYam instant noodles with bacon and egg. Desserts are grapes and plums. With two glasses of white grape juice. ^_^

Now I'm uploading photos of today to FB and getting ready to call it a day (my turn).

Have to start revising my French for the exam on Tuesday.. Haven't done any assignment yet though (French directive learning - 4 chapters....)

Have to spend the day tomorrow revising and completing the assignment. And then to the meeting again in the evening! Ganbatte!


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all oso 'dunno-what'...

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see also know what la..the name so long where remember wor~ {m_m}"